51 Ways To Involve Your Husband With The Pregnancy

Including Husband in Pregnancy

You are very involved with the pregnancy, which makes sense because you are the one carrying the baby. But what about your husband. He is a part of the story too.

Do you want your husband to be more involved with your pregnancy, but you’re not sure how to include him? Or maybe he is unsure of what to do or how he can be more a part of the experience.

It’s been said,

“A mother becomes a mother when she is pregnant but a father becomes a father when his baby is born.” -unknown

I believe this is because the woman can feel the changes in her body, the symptoms that come with being pregnant, the fetal movements of the baby. The woman is doing things to keep the baby safe, like stopping activities that are potentially harmful, eating better, using safer products for personal care and household cleaning.

Now the man helped create this baby, but he can’t feel all the things the woman can. He doesn’t have to change his lifestyle. Not much has changed for him yet, up until the baby is born. Then life really does change for him.

To help him feel a part of the pregnancy experience, I have compiled a list of 51 ways to involve your husband with the pregnancy.

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Involve Husband With Pregnancy by Announcing Together

Announcing Pregnancy With Your Husband is a way to involve your husband with the pregnancy
  1. Announce your pregnancy to your husband in a cute way he will never forget. Like a mug with a secret message. Check out this one on Amazon.
  2. Announce your pregnancy to your parents together. A really cute idea is to baby scratch tickets and throw in some real ones too to catch them off guard! Check this one out on Amazon.
  3. Schedule a “We Are Expecting” photo shoot and use pregnancy photo props. You can use these photos to announce it to family and friends or on your social media. Check out these props on Amazon.
  4. Tag your hubby in the post when you make it Facebook official.

Involve Husband With Pregnancy by Planning and Getting Prepared Together

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  1. Schedule your doctors’ appointments with your husband’s schedule in mind. He may want to go to all the appointments or he may be happy to just go to a few, such as to hear the baby on the sonogram, and see the baby on the ultrasound for the first and second time. 
  2. Talk about finances and budgeting for the expenses of the pregnancy and the baby.
  3. Take a birthing class together.
  4. Take a newborn care class together.
  5. Babysit a friend or family member’s kids to get an idea of what it will be like to have kids together.
  6. Sign up for a child or infant CPR class together.
  7. Make a checklist together of things that need to get done before the baby arrives.
  8. Pack hospital bags together.

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  1. Make freezer meals together so when the baby arrives, cooking will be way easier.
  2. Create a birth plan together as a team.

Involve Husband With Pregnancy by Spending Time Together and Encouraging Him

Involve husband with pregnancy by spending time together
  1. Show affection to your husband, hold hands, hug, kiss. Make sure he knows you care for him.
  2. Make time to connect with each other and catch up.
  3. Go on weekly dates up until the baby is born. After that, it will be a bit more complicated.
  4. Affirm that your relationship is a priority, and it will continue to be after the baby is born.
  5. Making love together is still important in the relationship, despite possibly having a low sex drive.
  6. Encourage your husband to be open about his feelings towards the pregnancy, such as fears or excitement.
  7. Plan a baby moon.
  8. Go on a special shopping outing to buy something special for the baby, such as a baby book, blanket, or stuffed animal. Check out my “idea list” on Amazon for special baby items.
  9. Be active together. Mama’s got to stay fit to be ready for labor and delivery. Go for walks, swim, work out. Of course, you should check with your doctor to make sure you are good to go.
  10. Create a DIY project for the baby’s nursery.
  11. Movie Night! Grab some popcorn and drinks, cuddle up on the couch and watch a course on breastfeeding, caring for a newborn, managing labor and delivery or whatever you think will be helpful.

Involve Husband With Pregnancy by Giving Him A Say

  1. Let him make some of the choices for decorating the nursery.
  2. Talk about traditions that your husband would like to pass on to the children.
  3. Invite your husband to register items for the baby registry.
  4. Let him choose the baby’s middle name.

Involve Husband With Pregnancy by Asking For His Help

  1. Ask him to rub belly butter over your growing belly.
  2. Ask him to massage sore areas in your body.
  3. Ask him to paint the nursery.
  4. Ask for help building the crib.
  5. Ask him to remind you to take your prenatal vitamins.
  6. Ask him to baby-proof the house.

Involve Husband With Pregnancy by Letting Him Get Close to Baby

  1. Have your husband feel the baby kick.
  2. Use a stethoscope at home so you and your husband can hear the baby’s heartbeat.
  3. For the really busy husband, they record the heartbeat and take pictures of the ultrasound to send to him so he can still experience it.
  4. Let him know when the baby is moving around and when you feel the baby kick.

Involve Husband With Pregnancy by Doing Fun Things Together

involve your husband with the pregnancy by doing fun things together pregnancy related and not
  1. Go out for dinner together and celebrate the pregnancy.
  2. Guess the gender of the baby and then find out together at your baby’s second ultrasound. 
  3. Write letters together to the baby throughout the pregnancy.
  4. Have a countdown in the house so you can both get excited counting down the days till baby arrives.
  5. Encourage your husband to talk, sing, or read to your baby bump, so the baby will start to be able to recognize his voice.
  6. Find a pregnancy app you think your husband might like for his phone.
  7. Make a game out of choosing the baby’s name.
  8. Get him a daddy-to-be gift.
  9. Invite him to the baby shower.
  10. Get the maternity photo shoot done together. You have those to look back on and reminisce.
  11. Host a gender reveal party together.
  12. Go shopping for something that you can put the baby’s footprint on.

I hope this helps you involve your husband with the pregnancy, as before you had no idea how to go about it. However, make sure that you are suggesting and encouraging these ideas, not forcing, guilt-tripping, or bossing him around.

This list should bring you closer together, not create a divide. Try your best to be understanding and patient if your husband needs time to warm up to the idea of being a father.

What is something you appreciate, large or small, your husband has done for you during your pregnancy?



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2 thoughts on “51 Ways To Involve Your Husband With The Pregnancy

  1. Honestly feel like I’ve grown much closer to my husband throughout this pregnancy. I love that he took months to choose a middle name for our baby because he wanted to be sure he and the baby could live with it for the rest of their lives :’D

    Great list here 🙂

    1. I feel that way too. I think the pregnancy also brought us closer together. Shawn is still trying to come up with a middle name for the baby. He wants it just right. He keeps coming up with ideas for a name but so far he hasn’t found the right one. 🙂


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