61 Super Effective Ways To Help With Depression

When I hear you are struggling with depression. It hurts my heart. I know that pain, joylessness, and indifference.

I want to help you and others that are suffering. Shine a light into the darkness. And give hope to those who feel they have none. Because there is a way out of the valley.

Depression’s Plan

I have felt the tortures of depression. On and off more times than I can remember. I’ve come to know what depression’s true nature is.

  • Depression is an oppressor.
  • Depression is a burden that weighs you down.
  • Depression is a thief that steals away your joy.
  • Depression separates and isolates you, to make you feel alone.
  • Depression is a persuasive liar that is hard to ignore.
  • Depression hangs a vale over truth, making it hard to see.
  • Depression makes you see life with it’s own lens.
  • Depression makes you feel lifeless and life pointless.
  • Depression seeks to steal, kill and destroy and it does this all through your mind.
  • Depression can’t kill you itself. So instead it works hard to convince you to do the job yourself.
  • Depression is the opposite of hope.
  • Depression is the opposite of life.
  • It’s purpose is death and it is the enemy.

It’s time to take down the enemy. Don’t let it win. You were made for so much more!

“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11

Foil Depression’s Plans

It’s time to stop giving in to the darkness that is consuming you.

It is slowly wrapping itself around your soul and choking your being. You need to stand up and fight back for your life. Despite not feeling up to it. Despite wanting to do nothing at all. Despite not feeling able. Just Do It!

These feelings are lies. Once the veil of darkness finally gets lifted. You will know, that it was blanket of lies that were covering over you. Making you see what it wanted you to see.

When depression starts to whisper lies and darkness you need to be willing to do something even when depression is telling you it is pointless to try. You must obtain hope. Hope that will get you through. Hope you can hold onto while depression tries persuade you with it’s deathly cunning lips.

You must hold every thought captive. Don’t agree with what depression tells you. Speak hope and truth, even when you don’t feel it. This is a battle waging over you.

Do you have hope? Where does your hope come from? I can tell you where my hope comes from. Jesus Christ.

Make sure you check out number 13. Hope In The Darkness!

Purpose Of This List 61 Ways To Help With Depression

This aim of this post is to help you overcome depression.

This is a tool you can use to help fight back against depression.

I have a cheat sheet printable of the list.

So that you can keep it with you for when you need it.

Grab Your Cheat Sheet For Ways To Help With Depression

How To Get The Most Out Of This List

Some of the things I will be listing here today are only going to put a band-aid on your problem. If you don’t include Jesus.

If you truly want to be free from depression. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.

It’s time to draw up your shield of faith and turn to God for help. The Father, Son and The Holy Spirit.

If you decide not to that is your choice.

Why Jesus?

I will tell you from experience it is a lot harder to end depression without God’s strength, guidance and love backing you up.

I know. I’ve tried to do it on my own. For me I think it would have been impossible without Jesus and his active presence in my life.

Know this. If you reject him now or you don’t believe in him. He is merciful to forgive and still accept you, if you change your mind.

God is a loving father, who wants all his kids to choose to be with him. As long as you still draw breath he is willing to forgive you. You just need believe in him, what he did on the cross for you and that he rose to life again. Then you must acknowledge you are a sinner, turn away from your sins, and ask him for forgiveness. Which he will do graciously.

Not only will he stay by your side and help you navigate this life, but you will also have gained eternal life. Filled with love, amazement and awe, fun, happiness, hope, and purpose, in his home called heaven.

“Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9

61 Ways To Help With Depression

Get Help

1. Do You Need Help Right Now?

If you are in a life or death crisis get immediate help here. There are numbers to call or text for immediate help depending on your situation.

2. Go For A Check Up With Your Primary Care Doctor

I hate going to the doctors and sometimes it feels like a waste of time. HOWEVER! Your depression may be due to being low in specific nutrients or vitamins. A physical illness. A chemical unbalance. Unbalanced hormones. Tell your doctor you want to rule these issues out. Demand it if they seems to brush it off. Or get a different doctor!

3. Get An Appointment With A Psychiatrist.

Your doctor may be able to refer you to one. They can diagnose mental health disorders based on your symptoms, experiences and medical history. They are able to prescribe medication that may help your diagnosis. They can also refer you to a psychotherapist.

4. Look Into Different Therapy Programs

Yes you will be tempted not to do this. It took me a long time to finally go to therapy. One therapist I went to way in the beginning, didn’t help. So for years I wasn’t keen on the idea.

But finally I went again. This was after feeling like God was leading me into going to therapy. I accidentally stumbled into an equine assisted program, thinking it was a normal therapist you go to see at the office. Which was a cool surprise because I am a horse person.

It made a difference and helped me get my life back on track.

There are all kinds of programs that you can look into that may help. You can find one that works best for you.

5. Consider An Equine Therapy Program

I believe that God put animals on this earth for him to enjoy. They were here before man. But he also created them with the knowledge we would enjoy and care for them. And that they would also help us. Horses help people everyday. They are giant instinctive creatures full of reactivity. They seem to have the ability to sense our emotions. They reflect to how we feel, when we don’t even know how we feel. As wild, and free and big as they are, inside they have gentle willing spirits. We can learn a lot from them.

This is a horse assisted therapy program.

Horses are helping people physically and mentally everyday.

6. Check Out Online Therapy.

This is great if you prefer the comforts of your own home and don’t feel motivated to drive somewhere. However I found I did better when I physically went somewhere else than always being in the house. Staying in the house all the time when I’ve been depressed as tempting as it was, made me feel worse. Here is an online christian therapy called Faithful Counseling.

7. Look Into Cognitive Behavior Therapy.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is the term used for a group of psychological treatments that are based on scientific evidence. These treatments have been proven to be effective in treating many psychological disorders.

What is CBT? -Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies

It seems like some of the things these therapies do is work on coping skills and changing your negative perceptions to more positive ones.

For more information on cognitive behavior therapy check out the ABCT. To find a cognitive behavior therapist near you can search as the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies Search.

8. Join An Online Support Group

Like this one. Health Unlocked Anxiety and Depression Support. Also be sure to check out Facebook groups and google search for support groups.

9. Think About Getting An Emotional Support Dog.

The word “Dog” is “God” spelled backwards. I think that’s funny. Dogs tend to be loving, fun, patient and loyal. Some attributes of God himself. A dog may be a good companion for you in your time of despair. Their cuddles, licks and goofiness can be something that brightens your day.

NOTE: This allows you to have a dog in a pet free apartment situation for emotional support and go on flights with you. However public places that don’t allow pets can legally ask you to leave. They may not if you have registered patch on your animal that makes them look more professional, but they have the right.

Check out Assistance Dog Registry for more information.

You can also register other animals to be an emotional support pet.

10. Go To A Peer Support Group

This is a group of people that are experiencing or have experienced similar to what you are going through. You support and talk with each other. There are different kinds of peer support groups, so you want to find one specifically for depression, or depression and anxiety.

To find one in your area. Search “Peer Support Groups For Depression in (Your Town, State)”.

Turn To God

11. My Apology to Non-Christians

If you are a non-Christian, who has turned away from the idea of God because of how you were treated by Christians. I invite you to read an apology I wrote as a Christian to non-Christians.

12. You CAN BE Forgiven.

As long as you are still breathing, You are not too far gone!

If you suffer from guilt and shame. You can be free from it by asking the Lord Jesus to forgive you for the mistakes you have made. He will because he loves you and is waiting for you to receive his forgiveness. We all have been guilty of wrong.

Except Jesus; who lived a life free of evil. A blameless and perfect life. He chose to let himself die as payment for the wrongs we did. So we wouldn’t have to suffer the eternal payment of our wrong doings and separation from God.

He wants us to reign with him in God’s Kingdom, regardless of what we have done. Regardless of whether we think we aren’t worth it. Jesus thinks we were worth it! He loves us. He came to earth to die for us, so we could have life with him.

13. Hope In The Darkness

When I was writing this blog post. I wrote number 12 about forgiveness and I included an embedded video Will God Forgive Me.

A couple days later, working on this post. I looked at number 12 and what I had written.

I asked God what’s next. What do you want me to put next?

I had a thought about clicking through number 12’s video and to their YouTube channel finding a video about hope.

When I did the first video on the feed was Hope in The Darkness. I was surprised.

I believe that God wants you to see this video.

14. Read Daily Devotionals

This is a really great way to introduce God into your life everyday. It is a very short message everyday. So it is doable in this day and age, where we are so busy, running every which way. But it can be a powerful way to start or end your day especially when it speaks directly to situations in your life. My favorite is Daughters Of The King. It is an APP I use on my phone and they also have a Daughters Of The King website.

There are devotional books you can buy. Free online devotionals. Devotional apps for your phone.

15. Affirmations About Who You Are In Christ

Affirmations speak truth and positivity into your soul. It is a great weapon against the negativity in your mind.

Here is a printable Affirmation list of who you are in Christ.

16. Read The Bible Daily

Romans 12:2 “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.”

God’s Word is powerful and even reading a small portion everyday, can make a impact in your life. The Bible says to renew our mind so we will have discernment of right and good and what is God’s will. It keeps us from falling for the lies of the enemy.

The bible is known as the sword of the spirit. We are in a spiritual war for our soul. Here is a bible study on the “Sword of The Spirit.”

17. Meditation on God’s Word

This can be done in numerous ways.

  • Going in a serene quiet place and really letting some verses sink in.
  • Repeat verses over and over, and soak in them.
  • Coloring a page with a bible verse and thinking about the verse as you color. What each word means.
  • Asking the Holy Spirit to help you see what God is saying through the scripture.
  • Going for a walk and mull over a verse you just learned.

However you want to do it. I usually would think about certain bible verses when I was driving in the car or mucking out a horses stall.

18. Prayer Warfare

Don’t just prayer for what’s going wrong. It’s time to stand up! The enemy is trying to tear you down. Depressions seeks to steal, kill and destroy.

It’s time to strip the powers of the enemy and declare goodness over your life.

Warning: First make sure you have accepted Jesus as your savior. I believe you need his protection. If your not sure, check out this page How To Accept Jesus Into Your Life .

Okay now that you have made Jesus lord of your life.

Verbally Say, “In Jesus Name I strip the powers of the enemy in my life. I ask for and receive freedom of depression in Jesus Name! Spirit of Depression leave now. I declare that I am free. I declare that I am healed. I declare I am whole in the name of Jesus. I declare goodness to come out of bad situations in my life. I declare freedom, faith, hope, peace and love over my life and over my friends and family’s life! In Jesus mighty name I receive all of this. Amen!

I found this site with prayers for spiritual warfare.

19. Find A Church To Join

It can be very uplifting to your spirit to worship God with others. Refreshing to hear the Word of God spoken and explained. Powerful to pray with others over your tough situations or other people’s situations. There are often times events throughout the year a church will hold to bring the people closer together. This is an opportunity to create friendships with other believers.

Not every church is the same. You need to find the right church. Personally I am not part of any denomination. I think the most important things are that, what they preach follows what the bible teaches and believe it. That they use examples of scripture correctly. That they believe the Holy Spirit is at work still today. That they preach Jesus is the only way to God and salvation.

The other parts like how they dress, how they conduct worship music, how enthusiastic they are, how formal or informal they are, how interactive the people are with each other. That is more down to preference.

20. Find A Bible Study

Your church will probably have bible studies available. If not you can always find a bible study in your area. Bible studies are more interactive, with discussions, contemplating ideas together, asking questions and digging deeper into the bible.

It seems to usually be more informal than a church service. And I think it’s a great way to develop deeper relationships with people at your church.

Also just so you know. There are online bible studies you can do as well. Here are a few bible study sites:

Great Bible Study

Bible Study Tools

Free Bible Study Guides

21. Check Out This Site For Revelation From God

I found this site with all these awesome videos about peoples experiences and testimonies. Prophecy and Dreams. Truths about God. Christian movies.

It is a compilation of YouTube Videos, this person found.

Just make sure whatever you watch or hear it lines up with what the bible says. So important for us all to be reading the bibles and re-reading it, regularly.

It’s called: Divine Revelations.

22. Listen To Worship Music When You Feel Down

This is another powerful way to lift your spirit when you are feeling down. Fighting the negativity that is swirling in your mind.You can listen on your computer. Listen with your smart phone with or without headphones. Or whatever you got. You could also can sing worship songs yourself. I do this if I am alone at home… usually in the shower. Would be as little awkward singing randomly in public ha ha.

Some songs I like:

Things To Stop Doing

23. Don’t Watch The News Or Read The Newspaper All The Time

Especially if it makes you depressed. If you feel like you must! Just watch what is vital need to know information.

Turn it off or stop reading when they’re talking about negative things you can’t do anything about or if it is making you feel hopeless.

Turn it off or stop reading when it is not pertaining to decisions you need to make as a citizen.

24. Stop Watching Movies That Glorify Evil.

Horror movies. Movies with sexual immorality. Movies that have dark themes. Movies about killing.

Watching these kinds of movies are not going to help your depression. These movies are not going to make you feel better. These movies tempting as they are. WILL pull you deeper into DARKNESS.

25. Stop Playing Video Games That Glorify Evil or Are Violent.

Oh boy I said it. This one is hard. So many people love to play these kinds of video games.

Now If you decide to play these games you have the same problem as watching violent movies or horror movies. Maybe more so, because you are playing the character.

You will not end your depression playing these games. You may feel good in the moment when you are playing because it causes a dopamine affect on the brain like eating, exercise and sex do.

But it is not helping you fight against the negativity you are facing with depression.

Watch Things That Will Lift Your Spirit

26. Watch Cute Funny Animal Videos.

There are all kinds of these videos on YouTube. Funny bird videos. Funny dog videos. Fun cat videos. Funny horse videos. Funny bunny videos. Funny cow videos. I could go on and on.

27. Watch Videos That Show Acts of Kindness.

Videos on YouTube that show people helping other people. People doing acts of kindness. People saving animals. People saving other people.


28. Watch Videos Of People’s Testimonies.

Testimonies are people’s stories of how they came to know God and how they invited him into their lives. They often share the positive impact it has made on their lives.

29. Watch Uplifting Movies.

Breakthrough. Pilgrims Progress. Secretariat. The Great Gilly Hopkins. Heaven is For Real. High Strung. War Room, August Rush. Storm Rider. Narnia. The Light of Freedom. Facing The Giants. What If… There are many Uplifting movies out there. Search “Uplifting Movies” in google, pick what sounds interesting.

30. Watch Uplifting TV Shows.

Heartland. Fuller House. Lip Sync Battle. The Office. Superstore. Legends of Tomorrow. The Flash. American Ninja Warrior. Parks and Recreation. Planet Earth. Friends. Downward Dog. Baking Show. Cooking Show. Game Shows. Search “Uplifting TV Shows” in google.

31. Look at Clean Funny Memes.

This is something your gonna have to search for as well. My favorite is “THE DAD”. I follow them on Instagram. I am not a Dad. I am a Mom, but I can relate to a lot of it. And man is it funny.

32. Play Video Games Without The Violence.

Your gonna have to do some searching on the internet to find what you might like. Maybe some games racing games. Simulation games. Like Zoo Tycoon or Roller Coaster Tycoon. Puzzle and Mind Interacting games. Games where you help or save people. Horse riding games are the best. Well actually sometimes they are downright crappy. But I love horses, so I have played them anyway. I play Sims 3 prob more than most games. But it’s kind of a grey area because it can be okay or not depending on what you do.

33. Go To A Place You Find Beautiful.

For example a public garden or a forest. Take your time their and just take in your surroundings. Just look around and notice the details and take in the beauty. Realize how lucky you are to be able to see this beauty.

Listen To Positivity

34. Listen To Uplifting Podcasts.

Here is a podcast for mental health called Fresh Hope for Mental Health.

35. Listen To Motivational Or Inspirational YouTube Videos.

Here are some channels you can check out.

Lion of Judah

Above Aspiration

36. Listen to stories of people overcoming depression.

So I have here, a list of people with their stories of overcoming depression. You can also do your own search on YouTube.

37. Listen To Christian Radio Stations.

These stations usually have worship music and sermons. I have listened to some really inspiring sermons driving in my car to work. Note because they are non-profit, they run on donations, so sometimes they try to raise money to keep the station on air. That can be annoying to listen to but necessary to keeping the station going.

38. Hang Around People That Lift You Up

Are their people you are around a lot that constantly complain or are critical of others. Are they very negative the way they talk. It may be time to distance yourself from them and find more positive people to spend your time around.

Listening to all their negative talk can affect how you feel. It is contagious.

You don’t have to cut them out of your life but in order for you to heal from depression, you need to reduce the negativity in your life and increase the positive.

Helpful Food and Supplements

39. Try St. John’s Wort!!!!

This is an over the counter supplement and has been such a blessing in my life!! It wasn’t like I felt all high and happy. What happened was, time went by I was taking it daily and a couple weeks later I just noticed that I wasn’t having ups and downs. I felt stable with my emotions and I hadn’t felt depressed for no reason. Like I would often experience. I know others who have also had success taking St. John’s Wort as a supplement. It is NOT a miracle cure. But it really did make a difference in my life for the better. I still take it. But have been taking it more on an as needed basis now.

Warning: You NEED to be careful though. You CANNOT take this with anti-depressants or anything that raises your serotonin levels. It can cause serotonin syndrome and SERIOUSLY harm you. Also going off a anti-depressant can harm you if you don’t taper off correctly. Make sure you call your doctor and find out if it is safe for you to try.

40. CBD Oil

This is something you will have to try for yourself. But I have heard a few stories of CBD helping people with their depression.

My husband told me that it made a big difference in his day when he takes it in the morning.

Here is more information on Medical News Today about how it may help your depression.

41.Take Vitamin D Supplement. The Sunshine Vitamin.

One major way we get vitamin D is from the sun. I have read that vitamin D is important for brain function. If you are lacking in vitamin D it can play a role in causing depression.

Currently I take a vitamin D supplement. I especially make sure I am taking it when I am not getting outside enough and seasonally when the days are shorter and their is more darkness.

Here is more information about Vitamin D from Health Line.

42. Vitamin B Supplement

Being low in vitamin B can be caused by poor diet or not probably absorbing the vitamin. Vitamin B plays a role in brain chemicals that affect mood and other brain functions.

I don’t take a vitamin B supplement but I am thinking about adding it to my supplement stack. Here is more information about Vitamin B from Very Well Mind.

43. Check Out Other Potentially Helpful Substances.

I found on Web MD a common vitamins and supplements list for depression. It tells you more about the substance. How effective they think it is based on their research. There are also reviews from people that have tried the supplements, for various reasons.

44. Eat Healthy Foods That Make You Feel Good.

This sounds like a no brainier, that your always being told. I know.

I always notice when I eat lean protein, fruits and vegetables. I feel a lot better than when I eat refined carbie type foods.

A good diet overall will have your body functioning better. I find foods definitely affect my moods. So it makes sense eating healthy I would be in higher spirits and I believe you would be too.

I don’t think this is a fix for depression. But I think it is helpful at least. Everything you do adds up.

Here are some articles about food that make you feel good.

Bananas- rich in vitamin B6

Several Woman That Used Food To Combat Depression

This woman eats 10 foods daily to help fight depression

8 Foods to help with depression

45. Reduce Intake of Sugar and Junk Foods

Junk food always makes me feel more down, once I have the sugar crash. I love to eat junk food, especially as an emotional eater. But it makes me feel so icky and lethargic.

Change Your Perspective

46. Evaluate What You Are Filling Yourself With

  • What are you filling yourself up with? What are you watching? What are you listening to? What are you reading? What thoughts are you thinking about?  What are you doing right now and in your life?
  • Are you filling yourself with Evil?Murder. Death. Symbols of death. Witchcraft. Occult. Occult symbols. Swear words. Curses. Lies. Cheating. Enslavement. Hate. Self centeredness. Negativity. Sexually immorality. Jealousy. Lust. Vulgar or harsh humor. Drug abuse. Alcohol. The worst in people. All the bad in the world. Demonic. Satan.
  • Or are you filling yourself with Good? Life. Symbols of Life. Hope. Dreams. Purity. Giving. Sharing. Truth. Freedom. Standing up for others. Helping people. The best in people. All the good in the world. Being happy for others. Joyful things. Fun things. Clean Humor. Love. Positivity. Angelic. Jesus.

HEAR THIS! Whatever you continue to fill yourself up with. Watching. Listening. Reading. Thinking. Doing. These things are going to affect you and how you see the world and participate in the world.

Philippians 4:8 (NIV)
Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.

47. Think Of Happy Memories

Happy memories are like a garden filled with beautiful flowers.

But so often bad memories come to mind. They are set off by whatever triggers. Or we are feeling really bad and think back to all the hardships we have had gone through.

Well if bad memories make us feel bad and good memories make us feel good. Then maybe you should spend some time thinking on good memories.

I think it’s a good idea to sit in a peaceful place while you do this.

Think back to memories where someone did something nice for you. Times you had fun. Times you felt loved. Times you felt happy. Times you felt amazed and in awe. Time of reconciliation. Times where you felt comfy.

Pick one of these memories and relive it in your mind. Try to remember all the details of the experience, what you heard. What it looked like. What you did. You can do this by remembering or if you have photos to help jog your memory.

48. Every morning say 5 things you are thankful for.

This is an exercise that helps you to see good things that are in your life. Saying what you are thankful for challenges the negative perspective that depression causes. You can also say positive attributes about your self. What your good at. What you did well.

49. See Your Depression As Not Yourself.

The negative thoughts that go off in your mind, can really bring us down. And many times we believe that it is just thoughts about how we feel about ourselves.

Stop seeing these negative thoughts as who you say you are.

Start to look at these thoughts and see them as not your own. Look at them as if another person is lying to you and trying to take you down.

Stand up for yourself and fight back with positivity.

Things To Do

50. Go for outside for a walk everyday

Even if it’s just around the block or down the street and back. You could also walk at a local state park. Or around a nearby lake.

51. Start a blog or social media account to help other people suffering from depression.

You can document your journey, talk about what you are trying to help with your depression. Write about overcoming it and tips for others people. Helping someone else who is suffering and letting them know you understand and they are not alone can be healing for you as well.

52. Start Up A hobby Again That You Used To Enjoy.

For me that is horseback riding, hiking, drawing, painting, playing guitar, singing. I also enjoy making videos and taking pictures.

53. Work On Your Sleep Schedule

Depression can cause insomnia, however lack of sleep can make depression worse. There are ways to help you get a better nights sleep. It can be hard for those with depression I know. All those thoughts that go in your head that keep you awake. And sometimes as tired as are your mind just won’t rest and it’s really crappy.

Here are things you can try:

  • Melatonin
  • Sleepy Tea
  • Gentle Music
  • Comfortable Pillow and Mattress
  • Sleep Sounds (White Noise)
  • No Caffeine in afternoon or evening
  • Get off screens a half hour to hour before bed.
  • Try reading a book before bed.
  • Don’t drink alcohol.
  • Keep a pad of paper and a pen next to your bed. Any thoughts you don’t want to forget write it all down.

Here is 20 Ways To Fall Asleep As Fast as Possible by Healthline

54. Write Down And Set Doable Goals

Write down a couple small attainable goals. It feels good when we reach goals and feel like we were productive and accomplished something.

Make sure that you don’t set your goals too big. When we set goals that are too big often times we aren’t able to reach that goal and it causes us to feel guilty or ashamed.

What you can do instead is set small goals you can accomplish that reached towards a bigger goal.

Once you figure out your attainable goal, then you have to figure out what you have to do to reach that goal. Make sure that you are being honest with yourself. Don’t set really high expectations for yourself.

Be realistic about whether you will be able to reach the goal or not If it seems too overwhelming or difficult, set an easier goal.

55. Keep A Planner

I find it hard to focus and remember things when I am depressed. Having a planner is really helpful because I can write down and keep track of everything I need to remember to do.

When I am forgetful and unfocused I can get pretty hard on myself. Which just makes things worse. But when I keep all my plans, dates, appointments and lists written down in one place I am much more able to follow through on things. It helps me feel more organized and productive.

I also find checklists are super helpful as well, when my brain is mush.

56. Get Movin

Exercise for the reason that you feel better after you do. It raises serotonin levels, your feel good chemical in your brain. But it also helps you feel better about yourself mentally when you are more fit. It it is easier to get around, and carry things. Better quality of life.

There are many different ways you can exercise. Cardio, Weight Training Workouts and Running are the main ones that come to my mind when I think exercise.

But you can also do

  • Sports like basketball, baseball, softball, soccer, tennis, dodge ball etc.
  • Walking in nature, around your neighborhood or to get a cup of coffee each day.
  • Walking around your house and cleaning is exercise.
  • Walking around stores or the mall.
  • Swimming
  • Horseback riding and taking care of the horses are my favorite form of exercising.

57. Think Of How You Can Help People Placed In Your Life

God has placed certain people in your life for a reason. People needing help is an opportunity for you. An opportunity to express love to people and show the love of Jesus. Helping other can help you. It feels good to help other people. It lifts their spirits and shows them you care. But most of all it brings joy to our Father in heaven to see us loving others.

58. Acts of kindness.

This is similar to what I just mentioned. But what I mean here is random acts of kindness, to strangers as well as friends and family. You never know what someone is going through and kindness can be infectious. Which is a good thing.

For example: one time someone in front of me paid for my coffee at Dunkin Donuts. Then another time I was inspired to do the same for someone else.

Doing acts of kindness is what we are meant to do. And it’s nice to see the surprise on there face or to know that what you did made their day easier or nicer in some way.

Your Home

It seems that the state of the place we live is like a picture of how we are feeling or coping with life. Sometimes we just get busy and are too tired to keep up. Sometimes we just lack the motivation or drive to do it and just don’t care.

But all I know is when the place is clean and organized, I feel much better.

59. De-clutter To Help Release Burden Of Too Much Stuff

When we are surrounded by a bunch of stuff and everything is a mess and unorganized it can be very overwhelming.

Too much stuff is a big problem. When you don’t have places to put things anymore and you are surrounds by piles of stuff it can be kind of claustrophobic.

If you have things that are broken, you don’t need, you don’t use or you don’t care about. Getting rid of these things will and de-cluttering will make the space seem more open and to me it can provide some form of relief.

De-clutter Tips:

  • Throw away and recycle broken items and trash.
  • Get rid of things that you don’t use, or won’t use.
  • Donate clothes that don’t fit.
  • Throw away clothes with stains, holes, and are worn looking.
  • Donate items that are in good working order.
  • Only keep things that spark joy. I don’t agree with all Maria Kondo’s practices but I like this one. We hold onto too much stuff that we don’t really care about.
  • Keep the things you really need or really like.

60. Organize Your Home To Feel Comfy and Cozy.

So after the de-cluttering process you have less stuff you have to manage, keep track of and organize. Figuring out an organization system can seem daunting to some.

But start just one thing at a time, bit sized organization projects. It is worth it having things organized, knowing where things are, knowing where to put something when you are done with it and making the place more comfortable and cozy for you to look at.

Here is a E Book by Simply Squared Away called Your Roadmap to an Organized Home.

61. Place Positive Quotes and Bible Verses Around Your Home

When you have quotes and verses all around your home. It catches your eye at times. Sometimes when you really need it the most. It’s like filling your home with reminders of hope and inspiration.

I have these canvas’s and pictures around my house. That remind me God is by my side and in control. That he gives me strength to get through the tough times. That he gives me a spirit of courage. That I can trust him when I don’t see the way.

Please Share This Post With Those Suffering.

I want this post to get out to others who are suffering from depression. I want them to have hope. I want them to be free and healed.

If you know someone or you see someone online that says they are depressed. Please send them a link. 🙂

Answer These Two Questions In The Comments! 🙂

What is the hardest part about being depressed?

For me it is how stuck, unproductive and useless I feel.

What are 3 things that help you most when you feel depressed?

Going to the barn. Playing with my baby and pets. Going for a walk with baby in the stroller and saying hi to people I walk by.

God Bless,


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