Is Your Husband Emotionally Unavailable Quiz

Take this Emotionally Unavailable Quiz to get a better idea if your husband is most likely emotionally unavailable or not.

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Emotionally Unavailable Quiz  For your husband to see if he is emotionally unavailable.

Hang in there wifey,

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This quiz will give you an idea if your husband is most likely emotionally unavailable.


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6 thoughts on “Is Your Husband Emotionally Unavailable Quiz

  1. Thank you for the article. I am def in an emotionally unavailable relationship and it’s heartbreaking.

    1. Yea that is so painful. When the relationship is one-sided like that, it feels more like roommates than a relationship, and like everything is about him. Praying for you to have hope and peace. I don’t know your situation but relationships are usually messy everyone carries baggage. Things can get better though hang in there.
      A book I read that I found helpful for me, it was a little repetitive and had parts for people dating as well as married is ” Overcome Neediness And Get The Love You Want.” By Jack Ito PhD. I got it on Amazon for kindle.
      There are always two sides. This book made me realize how even though I was the one trying to do more about improving our relationship and wanting a better marriage I was pushing my husband further away and making things worse instead of better and bringing him closer. This book gave me a new perspective and taught me how I needed to change for a better marriage as well as about not being a doormat and a bit about setting boundaries.
      Then also a lot of praying. Because at times I felt totally helpless, lonely and like things would never get better. But God came through. Our marriage is not perfect and there have been a lot of ups and downs. But over time and being patient I have changed for the better and so has my husband.
      A couple of other things to check out to understand yourself and your husband better is “How We Love” and “The 5 Love Languages”. They are similar but a little different. You can find them by just searching on Google. God bless! 🙂

  2. It’s a late Saturday night & here I am searching for the word that describes a husband that doesn’t have much to say and just zones into the tv & your quiz helped. I have prayed about it and I have asked him numerous times if something is going on but all he says is “I’m fine. Everything is fine.” Or “I’m just sitting here relaxing what’s wrong with that, I’ve been working all day.” So then I feel like I’ve done something wrong & apologize. Sorry for rambling. Thank you for your blog!

    1. Hey Lacey, sorry you are going through that. It’s not fun when you feel like your husband prefers something else over spending time with you. There are so many factors that can go into this situation though. Men and people, in general, like to find escapes so they don’t have to think about stressful things going on in their lives or any bad feelings. Zoning out with tv may be his way of numbing out a less than ideal day or feelings he doesn’t want to feel. Marriage is not easy it is hard. It is through the good and the bad. Sometimes there are seasons that are going to be bad whatever that may be for each individual marriage. I think we can fall in and out of love more times than once in a marriage but it’s the commitment and God that keeps us together. And there is always hope that things will get better. One thing that would help in every relationship is set boundaries. You should learn about that if you don’t know much about it. I am still in the process of setting boundaries with my husband and not being a doormat. Don’t say sorry unless you did something you should be sorry about. It will almost victimize you in a way if you are always saying sorry and it will lower your self-esteem. If your husband doesn’t want to spend time with you it’s hard but find other things to do. You could also maybe find some tv shows to watch together. Like a series. I have watched Stargate Sg1, Once Upon A Time, Merlin, The Office, and a few others. You can try holding hands or cuddling while you watch tv. But set aside time for doing things you want to do. Don’t make yourself wait for him. If you can go out with friends or just go out yourself. If you want to do something you can invite him to join if he doesn’t want to just say, okay babe, love you I’ll be back later. Then lot’s of prayer and trusting God with each hard situation he can turn bad situations around. Sometimes it is just little wins bit by bit and a few years later you look back and you finally realize how far your marriage has come. Hope this helps a little. It’s a hard road but it is glorifying to God and can be worth it when you put it in God’s hand and follow his lead.

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