Happy Equestrian Horse Record Keeping Journal

Description Of Journal

This is an awesome printable PDF journal to keep records on all of your horse’s care plus much more.

This journal is a great way to track your new horse’s information and journey. But whether this is your first horse or your 5th, this record keeping journal will make a big difference in how you organize all your horse’s information and health care.

You will find that this horse owner’s journal has included more than your average horse keeping records.

I think you will find that you are happy with this record keeping journal, where you can track your vet visits, farrier visits, other equine professional visits, your horse’s medical history, changes in care, and much, much more!

No more trying to remember how much something cost or what your horse had done when. The journal is focused on tracking your horses health, care and expense records but there are some other sections also included.

Pages Included In Journal

There are 61 different pages included in the Happy Equestrian Horse Record Keeping Binder. All of which you can print over and over again.

Printable Pages Included:

  • Cover
  • Belongs To Page
  • Binder Spines For Different Sized Binders- 2 Pages

Horse Records

  • Horse Record Page Divider
  • Important Contact Information-4 Pages
  • Horse’s Information
  • Horse’s Markings
  • Horse’s Purchase Information
  • Horse’s Family Tree
  • Feeding Instructions- 2 Pages
  • Grain Changes
  • Supplement Changes
  • Hay Changes
  • Turnout Changes
  • Horse Blanketing
  • Vaccination Records- 2 Pages
  • Medication Records- 2 Pages
  • Medication Log
  • Worming Records- 2 Pages
  • Hoof Care Records- 2 Pages
  • Hoof Care Changes
  • Dental Records- 2 Pages
  • Vet Care Records- 2 Pages
  • Lameness History Records
  • Lameness History Sheet
  • Saddle Fitting Records- 2 Pages
  • Saddle Fit
  • Chiropractic Records- 2 Pages
  • Equine Massage Records- 2 Pages
  • Joint Injection Records- 2 Pages
  • Additional Care Records- 2 Pages

Goals & Planning

  • Goals & Planning Divider Page
  • Yearly Goals
  • Blank Monthly Calendar Page
  • Daily Goal Tracker

Equestrian Journal

  • Equestrian Journal Page Divider
  • Riding & Training Log
  • Weekly Training Plan
  • Training Plan Single Session
  • Riding Journal- 2 Pages

Horse Expenses

  • Horse Expenses Page Divider
  • Monthly Horse Expenses
  • Yearly Horse Expenses

Images Of Journal Pages

Why You Should Buy This Journal 

With a physical journal you will have a limited amount of pages to use and will need to buy another one in the future. But with a printable pdf you can’t print them over and over again.

With a physical journal there may be pages you don’t want to use or don’t apply you that you end up leaving blank, wasting space and paper. But with a printable pdf you can pick and choose the pages you need and want in your journal and leave out the ones you don’t.

Customize the journal with what pages you want to make it unique to you and your horse.

  • You can contact me with page ideas and suggestions to improve the journal.
  • Any updates to the binder will be sent to you free until the new year.
  • Keep track of all your horses expenses
  • Be able to look up dates and notes on vet visits, farrier visits and other horse professional visits
  • If your horse’s behavior changes you will be able to look at all the changes in care that you have been recording to get a clue to what might be happening
  • Print out the pages that work for you and your horse. Print pages you want to reuse over and over again as needed.
  • Have these records in the event you need to sell your horse and you can share the horse’s information and medical history.
  • Makes giving your horse’s medical history and information to equine professionals so much easier.

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My hope is that you love the journal and put it to good use!