The Simple Yet Useful Hospital Bag Checklist

What To Pack In Hospital Bag

You’ve probably spent your pregnancy getting ready for your baby and imagining what life will be like with your new precious little one.

You’ve got the nursery set up. The baby shower planned or maybe it’s already happened.

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The car seat is safely and securely strapped in your car. You’re stocked up on baby gear and equipment. You’re pretty much ready to go. But did you remember to pack your hospital bag?

When to pack hospital bag

When Should You Pack Your Hospital Bag?

Are you ready for LD day? Also known as labor and delivery day.

It comes faster than you know. It’s good to have your hospital bag packed and ready to go before your due date arrives. This is simply because there’s always a chance of going to labor early.

It would be a smart idea to have your hospital bag packed and ready during your eight month of pregnancy.

I have to be honest I totally procrastinated with my hospital bag. My husband had all his stuff packed and I just kept putting it off.

I’m not sure exactly why but I think I just didn’t want to face reality that my due date was coming up. I was telling myself I wasn’t afraid of labor and delivery but I think deep down I was freaking terrified.

It was probably a few days before my due date that I finally packed it. Luckily for me I didn’t go into labor early and I actually had to be induced when I was over a week past my due date.

I realize now that there were some things that I didn’t need to pack and there are some things that I wish I did pack.

packing hospital bags

What Should You Pack In Your Hospital Bag?

I have a printable checklist for when you decide to start packing your hospital bag so that you don’t forget anything you might need, but so that you also won’t over pack the things that you may not use.

But of course ultimately it’s up to you what you want to bring.

You want to keep in mind how long you are probably going to be at hospital to help you figure out what you’re going to bring.

If you are having a vaginal birth it’s been said that the average stay in the hospital is about two days. However I had a vaginal birth and I was at the hospital for about five days. If you are planning on having a C-section you may possibly stay a minimum of three days up to five or more.

If you are having a vaginal birth it’s been said that the average stay in the hospital is about two days. However I had a vaginal birth and I was at the hospital for about five days.

If you are planning on having a C-section you may possibly stay a minimum of three days up to five or more.

You will want the hospital bag to be packed for yourself and your husband and the baby. And you don’t have to have just one bag you can have a couple bags.

In my case my husband Sean had his own bag and I actually had three hospital bags he he he. I will say one of my bags I was sharing with the items I had for my baby. So it wasn’t exclusively all my stuff.

I had taken in a labor and delivery class at the hospital that I was gonna be at. And I found out that they had a lot of items at the hospital for me already, such as stretchy mesh type underwear, a peri-bottle, pads, ice packs, numbing spray for down below, diapers for baby, formula for if there’s trouble with breast-feeding, and they also provided food, drinks and had a TV.

So before packing your hospital bag I would check with your hospital and see what they have for you already. That way you don’t have to pack items that you’re not going to use or didn’t need to bring.

Mommy Stuff For Labor And Delivery

birth plan packed in hospital bag
Best plan: Baby comes out. You and baby are healthy.

Birth Plan

That is if you have one. I did end up making a birth plan but it was pretty much a joke. Almost everything on my plan did not work out the way it was planned. So keep in mind whatever you plan out in your birth plan don’t expect that it’s gonna go that way. That way you won’t be surprised or disappointed and prepared for if it doesn’t. I think it’s normal for it to not go as planned.

Any Paperwork, ID or Insurance

I don’t think I get abroad any of this with me because I think everything was set up before. So I would say find out if you need to bring this stuff. I mean obviously bring your ID it’s just good to have on you anyway.

Bring ear buds and charger in your hospital bag
I listened to my premade labor music playlist on my phone to try to help distract myself.

Cell Phone Earbuds and Charger

God forbid we would leave without our phone and a charger, seeing as we are attached to these things. At least it’s a good source of entertainment to help distract you during labor, seeing that they are pretty much minicomputers. I also use my phone to listen to music when labor got really hard.

Pack entertainment in your hospital bag.
We watched the Stargate SG1 movies on Shawn’s laptop.


You could also bring a book or magazine sketchpad coloring both whatever you like to do that you can bring to help pass the time. I was at the hospital for 48 hours before I finally gave birth. We actually brought a laptop and watched movies.


It was so nice having my fluffy horsey robe with me. I am so glad I remembered it. It was a quick way to cover myself up, to stay warm, and I just felt a lot more comfortable than I would’ve without it.

Lazy One Plush Bathrobe with Horse Print

5 Star Rating- Check out on Amazon


I will or the Sox the hospital gave me with my slippers. The slippers just provided extra comfort. I did a lot of walking when I was in labor. And it just keeps your feet warm on the tile floor.

Women’s Soft Yarn Cable Knitted Slippers

4-1/2 Star Rating- Check out on Amazon

Remember to bring your glasses to the hospital.
Sometimes I feel like I am going blind due to my blurred vision. I rely on my glasses day to day and somehow I almost forgot mine. Luckily we were like 5 minutes from the hospital so it would have been no biggie.

Glasses or Contacts

That is if you wear them.


If you are freaked out by public showers flip flops are a good idea to bring to keep your feet off the shower floor.

Crocs Crocband Flip Flop

4-1/2 Star Rating- Check out on Amazon

Personal Care Items

I think it’s funny because I’ve seen pictures of mom’s that have just given birth and they’re wearing makeup. There was no way in heck out of me wearing makeup after I had just given birth. I did bring a toothbrush and toothpaste hairbrush deodorant and some chap stick. The hospital provides shampoo and conditioner but you might want to bring your own because they’re really tiny little bottles and I have a lot of hair it was not enough for me. That was pretty much about it.

Pack a water bottle in your hospital bag
It was really dry in the hospital which made me more thirsty than usual. Not to point out the obvious but giving birth takes a lot of work and sweat.

Water Bottle

I went through a lot of water. I felt super thirsty and it came in handy having a large refillable water bottle.

Bath Towel

Having your own towel this big and fluffy and comfortable. They do write to the hospital but there usually pretty small and thin.

Hair Elastic

My hair can be super annoying when it gets all up in my face. When you’re in labor and you’re delivering a baby, hair falling in your face is not cool, I will who actually ended up braiding my hair and using elastic. That seemed to work out pretty well.


It was really nice having my own pillow and I wish I had brought an extra pillow case, because it got all sweaty and gross.

Heating Pack

I had really bad back pain and side pain after delivery. My husband actually went home and grabbed my heating pack. It really helped tone down the pain.

MIGHTY BLISS™ XXLarge Electric Heating Pad

4-1/2 Star Rating- Check out on Amazon


For encouragement, to remind you what you’re doing and what you are capable of, for positivity. I had a lot of Bible verses written for me. I think mostly in my head I was just saying Jesus help me Jesus help me over and over again in my head.

Mommy Stuff For After Delivery

Nursing Bra or Two

It was convenient for when baby and I were learning to breast-feed. I was sitting on the bed and I was just wearing the nursing bra my underwear get up and a blanket, I just threw my robe on when I needed to get up.

Suekaphin 2PACK Nursing Wireless Bra

4-1/2 Star Rating. Over 2700 Reviews- Check it out on Amazon

Going Home Outfit

I wore comfy maternity pants, my nursing bra comfy T-shirt and sweatshirt and then my slip on sneakers. Simple and comfortable. Oh and I had my winter jacket because it was December. In New England it can get pretty cold in December.

Perineal Spray

The hospital might provide numbing spray. And it was very helpful especially to thank God in over 20 stitches down below. But you can also get your own brand or product that you like. Next time I might try a more natural herbal spray.

Herbal Perineal Spray by Earth Mama

4-1/2 Star Rating. Over 2900 Reviews- Check it out on Amazon

Postpartum Underwear

The hospital should give you some but it’s good to have some of your own for when you go home.

Ice Pack Pads

I had the is at the hospital but I wish I had some frat home that was still sore down there.


The hospital provides the is but there are some. Bottles that are ergonomic and easier to use that might be a benefit to buy.
sits bath – the hospital also gave me one of the is but there may be more comfortable ones out there.

MomWasher Peri Bottle for PostPartum Care

4-1/2 Star Rating. Over 2400 Reviews.- Check it out on Amazon

Stool Softener

Oh yes I definitely need this I hadn’t gone in days and when I tried to go it felt like I was giving birth again and hurt like hell. For weeks I relied on stool softeners.

Stuff For Daddy’s Hospital Bag

Snacks and Drinks

You’re gonna be there a while so packing snacks you like is a good idea. There probably will be vending machines at the hospital and a cafeteria that’s open during certain hours.

Pack favorite snacks in hospital bag
Trail mix is a yummy snack my husband and I both enjoy.


There are certain things that you might need cash. Luckily my husband had cash and a while after I had delivered I had a massage and it was really really nice. Also I think some of the food you had to pay with cash but I can’t really remember.

Bring cash in your hospital bag.
We used cash for vending machines and a massage I got postpartum… so worth it!


Because you’re not sure how long you guys are can stay having a few outfits is a good idea to be prepared.

Personal Care Items

Whatever your husband uses toothbrush toothpaste hairbrush deodorant razor shaving cream whenever he needs. Shampoo conditioner.

Glasses or Contacts

That is if he wears them.

Bring a camera in your hospital bag.

Cell Phone, Charger, Camera

If he doesn’t use his phone as the camera.


Something to keep him busy and entertained while you guys are waiting.

Stuff For Baby

Baby’s Going Home Outfit

Had a onesie and 40 pajamas, but not a jacket or a hat and it was December in New England. Pack an outfit for the weather.

Car seat

It should be rear-facing improperly installed. They won’t let your baby leave until they’ve inspected the car seat.


They do provide some blankets for the baby but I found it really useful having my own swaddle and they had Velcro on them so it made it a lot easier to do a swaddle.

Love To Dream Swaddle UP

4-1/2 Star Rating. Over 1200 reviews.- Check it out on Amazon


Good to have and you can put it on your baby in the car seat when you’re heading out to the car. But also it was cold out so I guess it depends on the time of year.


To keep your little ones head warm and cozy. A lot of your baby’s heat comes out from there head. It is hard for baby’s to regulate their temperature when they are this young.

Sox or Booties

Babies feet tend to get pretty cold, so it’s a good idea to have a pair of socks or fleece booties to help keep them warm.

Zutano Unisex-Baby Newborn Cozie Fleece Bootie

4-1/2 Star Rating. 4000 Reviews- Check out on Amazon

I’d Like To Hear From You!

Write in the comments below. What did you bring that wasn’t on the list? What was your must-have item? What do you wish you brought and packed? Look forward to hearing your reply.


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