Joyful Equestrian Horse Riding Journal

This is a printable journal to record your horse riding journey. Plan your rides, track your riding progress, record details of the barn,  horses you ride, expenses, and much more!

Over 60 different pages, you can print out again and again. You and pick and choose the pages you want to make a customized horse riding journal.


  • Plan out your rides beforehand.
  • Track your riding progress.
  • Answer the riding review questionnaire to evaluate how your ride went and what you need to work on.
  • Plus so much more.

This is the perfect riding companion to help take your riding and horse’s training to the next level.

Who This Journal Is For

This journal is for rider’s who want to make the most of their riding time, with structured goal focused plans. 

The rider who wants to improve themselves and or is working with a horse they want to create a plan for and progress with. 

The rider who wants to continue to build upon each ride. 

The rider who wants to look back and see the progress being made in their riding and in their horse’s performance and training.

Pages Included In Journal

71 Printable Pages

Page 1: Thank you & Introduction

Page 2: Table Of Contents

Pages 3-5: Cover Page Option 1-3

Page 6: This Journal Belongs To

Pages 7-8: Binder Spines 1/2″-4″

Pages 9-10: Me & My Horse or Horses About US Page Divider

Page 11: About Me The Star Equestrian

Page 12: Barn Information

Page 13: Important Contacts

Page 14-15: Horse Profile Pages

Page 16: Horse Special Instructions

Page 17: Crushing My Goals Page Divider

Page 18: Yearly Goals

Page 19-20: Mini Goals

Page 21: My Riding Plans Page Divider

Page 22: Weekly Riding Plan

Page 23: Warm Up Plan

Page 24: Riding Plan

Page 25: Quick Riding Plan

Page 26: Riding Exercise List

Page 27: My Stretches List

Page 28: Horse Stretches List

Page 29: Cool Down Idea List

Page 30: My Riding Reviews Page Divider

Page 31: Quick Ride Review

Page 32: Riding Session Notes

Page 33-36: Ride Review Questionnaire

Page 37: My Riding Exercises Vault Page Divider

Page 38: Riding Exercise Table Of Contents

Page 39: Riding Exercise Description With Arena Diagram

Page 40: My Riding Trackers Page Divider

Page 41: Riding Log

Page 42: Rider Evaluation

Page 43: Horse Evaluation

Page 44-47 A-Ha Moment and Improvement Trackers

Page 48-49: Riding Mood Trackers

Page 50: My Riding Gear Page Divide

Page 51: Riding Gear Inventory

Page 52: Riding Outfit Planner

Page 53: Equestrian Love it List

Page 54: Equestrian Riding Gear Wish List

Page 55: Equestrianism Ain’t Cheap Page Divider

Page 56: Lease Payments

Page 57: Equestrian Expenses

Page 58: Lesson Payments

Page 59-60: Savings Goal Trackers

Page 61-63 Printable Stickers

Page 64: Blank Calendar Page

Page 65-71: Printable Wall Art

Journal Images

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My hope is that you love the journal and put it to good use!