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This is a story about an experience I had with losing my wallet that strengthened my faith that God is real! God found my wallet. Keep reading to hear the story.

What is “Word of Knowledge”?

So in the bible it talks about word of knowledge which is a spiritual gift. In the basic sense, this is where God communicates to you some sort of knowledge that you wouldn’t have otherwise known through, an image, a thought, a word or maybe several words.

My Story Begins At Dunkin Donuts

I had gone out to meet a friend at Dunkin’ Donuts to chat and have a cup of coffee and a pink frosted doughnut. 🙂 I love donuts. At the time, I had my wallet and paid for the goods at the register.

We sat in the comfy, leather chairs they had in the corner of the store by a large window, and ended up talking for quite some time, immersed in our conversation about miracles and Jesus.

We Decided To Continue Our Conversation At My House

When we were ready to head out, I had the idea that we should hang out at my house and talk a little longer, because I thought our conversation was very interesting.

When we got to my house, I put my pocket book, phone, and everything away absentmindedly like I usually do. My ADD kills me sometimes. I “misplace” things on a very regular basis, which usually causes mini meltdowns when I am not able to find what I am looking for.

Anyway I went upstairs to quickly change into something more comfortable… t-shirt and sweatpants basically. After talking to my friend for a while more at my house, for some reason I looked inside my pocket book. Not sure why… could have been for chap-stick or whatever… I kept a lot of “stuff” in my bag.

When I Looked In My Pocket Book I Realized…

This is when I noticed my wallet was not in my bag. I was like, “Hmm, what did I do with my wallet?” I told my friend I didn’t have my wallet and they suggested some places I could have put it, like my coat, or maybe I brought it upstairs when I went to change.

They helped me look around, but we couldn’t find it. They suggested I look in my car. Maybe it fell out of the pocket book or out of my coat pocket. At this time, I felt my face getting hot, and panic starting to rise. My cash, credit cards, debit cards, insurance information, and my license are in there. I needed to find that wallet!

Stressed, I Decided To Pray For God To Lead Me To My Wallet

I had no idea where that darn wallet was. Praying to God, I asked that he would help me find the wallet even though it was looking less and less hopeful. I looked everywhere I possibly could in the car and the house, even at my backpack that was hanging in the entryway. I don’t know why I would have it in there, but I was getting desperate.

It finally occurred to me that maybe I left it at Dunkin Donuts… Why didn’t I think of that before. So I called but they said there was no wallet to be found.

My friend and I even went to Dunkin’s to look over the places we were and in the sides of the sofa chairs,but nothing.

I Prayed Again!  Just Give Me One Word To Bring Me To My Wallet.

Still at Dunkins I prayed to God again this time for one word… just one word of where it could be found. I didn’t get a word but I had a feeling it was somewhere at home… it had to be. So we went back to my house.

I was up in my bedroom when a thought came in my mind… it was one word. “Trash.” I’m like what? Trash? So I wondered if this was God communicating with me. Not going to lie I felt a little ridiculous I didn’t really expect God to give me a word but I was hoping for it. I was desperate, so I asked God, “Which trash?” We had different trash barrels in the house and then the garbage cans outside in the driveway.

I got the image of our kitchen trash barrel. So I kind of thought, ‘I’ll give it a shot. What do I have to lose … well, my wallet if I don’t find it.’ I told my friend I needed to look in the kitchen trash, and they gave me a funny look. Looking back at them, I made a face like, ‘Yeah, I know it sounds crazy.’

I Started Digging Through The Trash

I searched the whole thing and nothing… no wallet. What the heck? I really thought it might be in here. At this point, I felt discouraged that I thought I heard God because obviously I didn’t.

I looked up from the trash barrel and noticed my backpack, hanging above the trash bin. I stared at it for a second and recognized a pocket that I hadn’t noticed before. So I got up and zipped open the pocket. Guess what was there… My freaking wallet.

God Found My Wallet? Did I Really Hear God?

My eyes opened wide as I felt chills go down my back and arms. I was thinking about the possibility that I may actually have been led there by the creator of the universe. I have no idea why the heck I put it in there. And I don’t remember doing that… But apparently I did.

My Thoughts

I had hoped God was speaking to me earlier in my room when I got the single word “trash” in my mind, but wasn’t totally convinced. However I decided to take a chance and believe and just go along with that thought. But when I didn’t find  my wallet in the trash, I blew it off as just another random thought in my head with no meaning.

However in the end little did I know that single word would bring me to the right place in the end… where my backpack was hanging directly above the trash.

Though this was a little incident nothing huge and miraculous it definitely bumped my faith up a step or two. Thanks God for caring about the little things.

Your Thoughts

I have heard that God is a really good finder of the lost. How would you feel if God gave you a word of knowledge to find something that you had lost and then you found it? Would you feel freaked out or weirded out? Amazed? Where would your faith stand? 



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