Recommended Equestrian Gloves For Every Season

Why Should You Wear Gloves Horseback Riding?

Wearing gloves while riding though optional will make your ride more effective and comfortable.

The gloves provide more grip on the reins which is helpful if you keep forgetting to keep your fingers closed and if your horse tends to lean on the bit. Also in the summer when you sweat the reins can get slippery and the gloves help keep some grip.

Gloves also protect your fingers from being rubbed by the reins, especially if you are having to sponge the reins often. I have gotten blisters more than once not wearing gloves while sponging the reins. Gloves prevent that from happening or at least make the damage much less.

Gloves keep your hands warm in the winter as you know and it is helpful having a pair of winter gloves especially made for riding so you have good flexibility in the fingers and grip.

Gloves Am Currently Loving and Recommend

For schooling and show, I really like the Noble Outfitters Ready To Ride Glove (Check out on Amazon). They are lightweight with a great fit. The elastic allows for really good flexibility.

They look nice enough that they could be used for competition as well. But it is best to have a separate pair of gloves just for showing so they are neat, fresh and not worn out looking.

For winter cold weather gloves I always go with SSG Winter Rancher Gloves (Take a look at them on Amazon). I find them so warm, though they are a little bit bulky I don’t have any problems riding with them.

The leather is deerskin and the inside is a fleece flannel. They are really comfy and I even do barn work in them. I have never just used them as riding gloves. But they hold up to barn work and riding so they would probably last longer with just riding.

For summer hot weather gloves I like the Heritage Pro-Flow Summer Show (Check them out on Amazon). These are great because they are so ventilated. Your hands won’t get very sweaty even when it is really hot out.

How To Find The Right Riding Gloves For You

When finding the right gloves for you there are several things you want to consider.

  • How well the gloves fit– you want the gloves to fit well so that you will be able to ride effectively and not be distracted.
  • The feeling of the material- some people don’t like the feeling of certain materials, so you want to make sure you don’t mind the feeling of the gloves.
  • How much flexible the gloves are- some gloves are restricting and it’s hard to bend your fingers. That can be that the glove is too small or the material doesn’t have much stretch.
  • How breathable the gloves are- The warmer it is out the more breathable you want your gloves, otherwise, you will have very sweaty hands.
  • Whether gloves are for show or schooling- schooling you can wear any color gloves you want. But for a competition, it is best to wear white, brown or black.
  • Elastic wrist band or velcro closure– Either is fine but with velcro closure you have the ability to tighten or loosen the wrist band.

Measuring Your Hands For Gloves

Follow these steps to determine the perfect glove size: 

  1. Grab a pen, paper and soft measuring tape to record measurements.
  2. Take measurements from the hand you write with.
  3. Measure around the fullest part of your palm. Make sure the measuring tape is snug and level but not tight.
  4. Your glove size is the number of inches around your hand. Glove sizes go up by half an inch generally. So if you are inbetween sizes round up to the next half inch.

If the gloves are measured in sizes such as. XS, S, M, L, XL then use the manufacturer’s sizing chart to figure out your size. 

How To Make Sure The Gloves Fit

Your riding gloves should feel like a second skin, snug but not so that you have trouble moving your fingers and opening and closing your hands.

The wrist band should not be on the bottom of your palms but actually on your wrists.

Taking Care Of Your Gloves

  • Riding gloves get a lot of build-up of dirt, hair, and sweat so you do want to wash them as over time this can cause the gloves to crack.
  • Careful while washing your gloves. The leather can get hard so make sure you are washing with a leather safe detergent like Leather Therapy Detergent (Check it out on Amazon).
  • Always allow your gloves to air dry at room temp.
  • If your gloves come out a little hard use a leather conditioner to soften up the leather. Just don’t use too much because it can take away some of the gloves grippiness.
  • Check manufacturer’s directions on cleaning the gloves!!!