5 Things To Look Forward To As A First Time Aunt!

This post was written by my sister Meghan. She is really excited about becoming an aunt and wanted to write about what she is looking forward to.

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Top 5 List of Things That an Unfledged Auntie Thinks She is Looking Forward to

Hey there Mama Bear,

It’s your younger sister, who is very excited about being a first-time auntie.

Thanks for putting in all of the work and pain for this very special moment in my life! 

In this instant, and in all: thank you for letting me follow you around, and learn from your experiences as you experience them.

Thank you for being the pioneer in all things womanhood.

Thanks for teaching me through your mistakes.

Thanks for showing me what perseverance and strength look like.

Thank you (in advance) for letting me be part of what shapes this kid’s life.

Thank you for being my older sister (regardless of if you had a choice in it or not).

I’ve read a few different blog posts about the best parts of “aunting,” but having no experience or knowledge of my own to what this actually looks like, I thought I would share my:

1. All of the fun, tiny amount of responsibility

I am in no way ready, or about to have a kid. My dog is more than enough responsibility. Someday. Sure. Maybe. But, for the foreseeable future, absolutely not.

That doesn’t mean I don’t love kids. They’re hilarious. They say random things. Their imaginations know no bounds. They bring out the kid inside of you. All the same, I am very happy to not have to be the responsible one all the time.

I am not afraid of changing diapers, I’ll do it (I won’t do it every time, but I’ll do it). But, very gladly, as temper tantrums arise, or noses get runny, or they’re not sleeping through the night, I will leave and come back for a fresh start when it’s all smiles, and goofiness again. (I’ll pray for you though).

2. Spoil spoil spoil

I am usually the first person in my group of friends to make plans to see the latest Disney, or animated children’s movie released. When Frozen came out, I was 21; I forewent a high school reunion at a bar, and dragged a friend out to a theater packed with children and their parents to see this movie. We got some weird looks. Similar demographics occurred for Big  Hero 6,and Moana.But now, I’ll have a buddy, and we will always have candy for the movie. (Don’t worry other friends who also like these films, you’re still invited!)

I will never tire of reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? by Bill Martin Jr., and Eric Carle, and I will eagerly strive to find all the best books, adding to the ever growing collection on the overflowing bookshelves.

Starting with the classics:

We will go to Story land, we will go to aquariums, we will eat donuts!

Heck, we’re going to Disney World!

What? Can’t I spoil myself too?

3. I can’t wait to be embarrassing… in a good way.

This probably won’t happen right away. But so badly, I want to show up to all of the sporting/musical/dramatic/gaming/competitive events and be the one cheering louder and more enthusiastic (albeit still appropriate for the setting) than anyone else. To which someone who is on the team, troupe, whatever, turns and asks, “Who is that crazy lady in the stands?” and sheepishly (maybe someday, proudly), but still lovingly the response will be, “That’s my aunt.”

I will be the aunt that sits down at home at the end of the day, log into Fortnite to play duos… or squads. Minecraft. Pokémon, Go! You name it kid.

I will been encouraging. I will be uplifting. Embarrassing is such a relative term, but very likely, I will also be that.

4. “I’m sorry I have to watch my nephew”

I’ve used my dog in the past to get out of things: weird dates, uncomfortable conversations, when I really don’t want to get out of my pajamas.

Sorry, my dog is afraid of thunder, I really should get going”

I’m really sorry, but my dog has been alone for a while, and he destroys things when he gets bored.”

Yeah, but my dog…”

I’m not always lying (well the thunder one was a lie), but he’s a convenient means of evasion, and I’m not sure he’s at all upset that I use him like that.

You’re right, this is not super mature. Try to change me. My arsenal just grew, and I’m sorry, but I need to go see my nephew.

5. The Aunt Swag

T-shirts man. How can I not be excited?! Here’s a basic starter kit of my favorite new aunt essentials:

First, a mug to let everyone know, how cool, caring and caffeinated you are.

Next, some key chain bling for your car keys, so that you’re always thinking of the next time you can go visit your niece/nephew.

Then. To finish it all off, a series of t-shirts you can wear and pair,depending on your mood.

  • Best Auntie Ever (Check it out on Amazon). The classic BAE shirt for everyday wear. Pair it with a denim jacket, skinny jeans, or whatever you’re wearing that day! This is versatile with a concise message.
  • Auntie Shark Doo Doo Doo (Check it out on Amazon). Yes, that’s right, we’re getting some of that auntie representation! No singing necessary, but don’t be surprised if you hear people (or the parrots) start signing.
  • Aunt and Dog Mom (Check it out on Amazon). Let all those other dog owners who think you can’t handle the pressure of interacting with a small human know that you’re rocking it as an aunt. (Also comes in the “Cat Mom” variety (Check it out on Amazon) ) Half button your overall top, and wrap a flannel around your waist, because you’re a busy person with things to do, and that’s how productive people dress on their days off.
  • The Auntasaurus Rex (Check it out on Amazon). Because we’re big Jurassic Park Fans, and because you’re super protective. Let people know that you are a force to be reckoned with and that you will most certainly flip over a truck, or step on a Jeep if anything seems to even potentially threaten your family.

Bonus Item: “Did you see my cows out front?”

For no good reason, there is one scene in the movie Twister that I am very fond of. I should say very extra fond of it because I am fond of almost every piece of that movie.

It’s a scene in which the whole crew of storm chasers shows up, seemingly unannounced, to Jo Harding’s aunt’s house: the home of Aunt Meg. She knows them all well, welcomes them all in, and cooks up a storm (heh, heh).

While everyone is piling their plates with eggs and steak, Rabbit asks her where she got all her beef, and she responds, “Did you see my cows out front?”

Dang that lady is cool! 

If I can in so much as embody a tiny amount of that hospitality, wit, and love,then shoot, I’d be proud of myself.

Very few people in my life call me Meg, and even fewer people I let call me Meg. 

But to you my little nephew, I will proudly be, 

Aunt Meg

Hey seasoned Aunts, Ants, Auntie Bears, Auntasauruses (Auntasauri?), feel free to send some advice my way! All my semi-sarcastic, selfish aunt dreams aside, how best can I support these new parents: immediately as he arrives into the world, and going forward as he grows?


Meghan is my younger sister. She is creative witty and has a unique writing style. Meghan is an animal lover and has an adorable greyhound and has taken on my two kitty's I adopted years ago. She has a big heart and is a social butterfly. She is one of my best friends.

5 thoughts on “5 Things To Look Forward To As A First Time Aunt!

  1. You’re already an awesome aunty and sister as you took on part of a night shift with your new nephew! You are super Aunt Meg!

  2. Your an awesome Aunt that’s for sure. I knew you’d be cause your an awesome granddaughter as well.

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