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Welcome to the “About Horses” category on Joyful Equestrian, where I share my passion and knowledge about all things equine. In this category, you’ll find informative articles on topics such as anatomy, physiology, breeds, types, colors, markings, patterns, history, culture, behavior, and fun facts about horses.

While I haven’t covered all subcategories yet, keep checking back for new and engaging content as I continue to expand this section. Enjoy learning about these magnificent creatures!

Horse Breeds And Types

Mustang Horses

Mustang Horses: Horse Breed Information

Explore the beauty and uniqueness of Mustang horses, their history, characteristics, adoption and how to care for them.
Lusitano horses

Lusitano Horses: Horse Breed Information

The Lusitano horse is an old horse breed that traces its roots back to the Iberian Peninsula, where it first emerged thousands of years ago. Despite its documented history, the breed’s early origins remain a topic of great speculation and mystery. One thing we know for sure, however, is that this magnificent animal’s unique looks … Read more

Horse Colors, Patterns, And Markings

Blue Roan Horse

Blue Roan Horse (Everything You Need To Know!)

There are few sights more breathtaking and stunning to see than a blue roan horse. A beautiful animal with a coat that appears almost blue, there is little wonder that in times gone by, they were once considered mythical animals. While horses can come in many colors and with many different markings, it is impossible … Read more
rare horse colors

The World’s 26 Most Unusual & Rare Horse Colors & Patterns

Horses come in many beautiful colors. The most common horse colors in the world are bay and chestnut, followed by grey and black. There are other colors that are variations of these that are still considered common, but just not as much. But did you know that there are other colors—unusual and rare horse colors … Read more

Horse Behavior

herd of horses: are horses a prey animal

Are Horses Prey Animals Or Are Horses Predators?

Imagine you’re at a horse race, looking at a horse sprint at breakneck speed around the track. You can see its powerful muscles working hard under its coat. Have you ever seen a horse’s ears? They’re always moving, aren’t they? Like tiny satellite dishes, catching every sound. You’ve probably asked yourself why horses act like … Read more
Signs a horse trusts you

9 Signs That A Horse Trusts You (What You Need To Know)

Building trust with your horse is essential for a healthy and strong relationship. Recognizing the signs that indicate a horse trusts you can help you to deepen your bond and strengthen your communication with your equine partner. I n this post, we explore the nine signs that your horse trusts you, and the importance of understanding equine behavior and body language. By observing your horse’s behavior and responding appropriately to their needs, you can create a relationship based on trust and mutual respect.

Horse Facts

Learn all about horses hair

Horses Hair: 19 Amazing Facts About Equine Hair

Discover the different types of hair found on horses, the structure of their hair strands, and how growth cycles, nutrition, and daylight impact their coats. Dive into the world of horses’ hair, uncover its importance for their well-being, and gain insights on how to provide proper care for a healthy, vibrant coat that benefits these magnificent animals.
can horses see in the dark

Can Horses See In The Dark? (Horse Night Vision Explained!)

Over the years, I’ve been asked countless times if horses can see in the dark. It’s a question that has intrigued equestrians, horse lovers, and the curious for centuries. I must admit, I  believed that horses didn’t possess night vision.  However, I’ve since discovered that they can actually see better than humans in the dark! … Read more

Horse Anatomy

Parts Of The Horse

Parts of the Horse (A Look At External Equine Anatomy)

Unravel the fascinating world of equine anatomy in this comprehensive guide. From head to hoof, we explore the various parts of the horse, their functions, and the importance of understanding them for horse owners, riders, and trainers.