How to tell a horse is friendly

How to Tell if a Horse is Friendly: A Helpful Guide

Discover the silent language of horses and learn how to spot a friendly one. This guide uncovers the body language and behaviors that signal a horse’s readiness for a connection. Perfect for anyone eager to build a bond with these beautiful animals.

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Why my horse licks

What It Means When A Horse Licks You (And How To Respond)

In this article, discover the nuanced language of horse licks, from signs of affection to stress relief cues. Learn to interpret and respond, enriching your relationship with your horse. Decode the whispers of their licks for a deeper bond and mutual understanding.

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when horses pin their ears

Why Horses Pin Their Ears Back! What They are Signaling

Did you know your horse’s ears are a tell-tale sign of their mood and feelings? Learn what ear positions mean and how you can communicate better with your equine friend.

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understand your horse's body language

Horse Communication 101: Equine Psychology Series Part 5

From whinnies and nickers to ear movements and tail swings, every sound and gesture has a meaning. This comprehensive guide will help you decode the language of horses for a deeper understanding and improved connection with your equine friends.

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Horse Instincts

Horse Instincts: Equine Psychology Mini-Series | Part 4

How well do you know your horse's instincts? Be it their acute senses, tendency to flee from fear, social nature, or instinct to mate, each characteristic plays a crucial role in their behavior. Discover more about each of these instincts in today's article, an invaluable guide for anyone dealing with horses on a regular basis. The journey through equine psychology continues.

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Horse Herd Behavior

Horses As Herd Animals: Equine Psychology Mini-Series | Part 3

Ever wondered why horses are often found in herds? It's not just about companionship; a herd offers safety, hierarchy, and even helps reduce anxiety. Join us as we unpack the psychological benefits of herds to horses.

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Horses As Prey Animals: Equine Psychology Mini Series | Part 2

Here's a shocking fact: Your horse considers YOU a predator! It's all about our fundamental biological differences that shape how they perceive us. Find out what makes them think this way and how you can build trust and respect in our Equine Psychology Mini Series.

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Equine Psychology Mini Series | Part 1 Intro

Think horses are just oversized pets? Think again! Take a surprising look at the myths around how horses behave, and reveals how equine psychology differs drastically from your household pet. Get ready to have your preconceptions challenged and learn the truth about horses.

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Sleeping horses lying down

How Horses Sleep: Interesting Details!

Enrich your knowledge about the unique sleep patterns of horses. Discover how they can sleep standing up due to a special locking system in their legs known as the 'stay apparatus', and learn how this attribute helps them stay alert for potential dangers.

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herd of horses: are horses a prey animal

Are Horses Prey Animals Or Are Horses Predators?

Horses: powerful, fast, and... prey? It may come as a surprise to many of us that these mighty creatures are actually prey animals in the wild. Explore the controversial side of horse behavior and learn how their 'prey instincts' shape their interactions and adaptations.

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How to Approach an Aggressive Horse. Sunset with a horse that has their ears pinned back.

How To Approach an Aggressive Horse (Taming The Storm)

Did you know aggression in horses isn't necessarily a sign of dominance? Let's debunk traditional misconceptions in equine behavior. Dive into the fascinating world of horse communication, learn about the influences that can lead to aggression and how this doesn't automatically equate to an attempt to maintain 'alpha' status.

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Signs a horse trusts you

9 Signs That A Horse Trusts You (What You Need To Know)

Can the horse trust you enough to let you near while it's lying down? Shocking signs you never knew indicate a deep bond of trust between you and your horse. Discover how to foster this bond in unexpected ways.

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horse flehmen response

Horse Flehmen Response Explained: Why Horses Smile!

Want your horse to make you laugh? Discover the surprising things that could trigger a Flehmen response in a horse! Get ready to grab some selfies with your 'smiling' horse!

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What It Means When A Horse Turns His Back On You & What To Do

Discover why a horse turns its back on you and learn the appropriate response. Does your horse show dominance or fear? Or maybe it's a mare in heat. Let's find the reason and teach them that it's not acceptable behavior.

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Learn Why Your Horse Keeps Opening Their Mouth When Ridden

Confused about why your horse keeps opening their mouth while being ridden? Discover more about this behavior and its potential causes. Do not miss this opportunity to deepen your understanding of your beloved companion.

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