why do horses have manes? Find out!

Why Horses Have Manes: Roles of Horse Manes

Ever wondered why horses have manes? This age-old mystery is about to be revealed. Let us guide you into the world of Equestrian!

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How Much Horses Weigh (By Type, Breed, Height and Age)

Did you know? The general consensus of an 'average' horse weighing 1000lbs is not entirely accurate. Discover surprising facts about horse weights, and how they significantly vary based on breed, type, height, and age.

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The 12 Differences Between Horses And Ponies: What You Should Know

Ever been confused about what separates a horse from a pony? Uncover the fascinating facts and misconceptions about these two members of the Equus Caballus species. Hint: It's not what you think!

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What Are Young Horses Called? 50 Facts About Baby Horses

Ever wondered how long foals take to stand after birth? Or when they start eating solid food? Explore this comprehensive guide for detailed insights into the life of a foal. From birth, nutrition, growth, behavior and much more, Learn it all about baby horses.

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Sleeping horses lying down

How Horses Sleep: Interesting Details!

Enrich your knowledge about the unique sleep patterns of horses. Discover how they can sleep standing up due to a special locking system in their legs known as the 'stay apparatus', and learn how this attribute helps them stay alert for potential dangers.

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Learn all about horses hair

Horses Hair: 19 Amazing Facts About Equine Hair

Decode the science of horse hair in our comprehensive guide. Understand the various hair types, their functions, and how to maintain them. This one-stop information source is a must-read for all horse enthusiasts!

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can horses see in the dark

Can Horses See In The Dark? (Horse Night Vision Explained!)

This might surprise you, but did you know that horses have better night vision than humans? Check out our post for more unexpected facts about horse vision.

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Colors Horses Can See

Colors Horses Can See: How the World Looks to Horses!

Ever wondered how horses perceive the world? Get expert insights into horse vision and the amazing world of colors as they see it. Discover fascinating truths and dispel myths you've heard about equine sight!

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Horse Gender & Age Terms: Explained For Beginners

Become a horse expert! This in-depth guide teaches you everything you need to know about horse gender and age terms, from the basics of identifying a filly, to understanding the intricacies of a ridgling.

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