Friesian Horses: Horse Breed Information

Friesian Horses: Horse Breed Information

Ever pictured a knight on a majestic black horse? That’s a Friesian! Discover the enchanting history, unique physical traits, and breathtaking versatility of these awe-striking horses.

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Golden Horses

All About Golden Horses: Breeds and Coat Colors

Your ultimate guide to golden horses. Learn about their history, characteristics, training methods, and unique qualities that make them truly remarkable creatures in the equestrian world.

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Belgian Draft Horse

Belgian Draft Horses: Horse Breed Information

From origins and physical characteristics to personality traits and adaptability, get to know everything there is to know about Belgian Draft Horses. Delve into the fascinating world of these gentle giants and learn why they are so loved by horse enthusiasts around the globe.

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7 Fastest Horse Breeds Besides The Thoroughbred & Quarter Horse

Do you think only thoroughbreds and quarter horses can ace the race? Think again! Discover 7 surprising horse breeds with impressive speed in our brand new pin. Explore the exciting realm of horse racing beyond the usual players.

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Learn all about work horse breeds

17 Work Horses: Breeds Still At It Today!

In the age of tech and machines, do we still need work horses? Delve into a thought-provoking discussion on the controversial role of modern-day workhorse breeds in agriculture, transportation, and even pleasure riding.

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biggest horse breeds

11 Biggest Horse Breeds in the World

Think you know the heaviest and tallest horses ever documented? Brace yourself as we challenge common equine knowledge and unveil surprising facts about these record-breaking giants of the horse world.

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Mustang Horses

Mustang Horses: Horse Breed Information

Discover how Mustang Horses have survived centuries in some of the world’s harshest environments. Learn about their incredible adaptability, including how they are able to thrive on minimal resources and withstand extreme weather conditions.

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Lusitano horses

Lusitano Horses: Horse Breed Information

Learn all about the Lusitano Horse in our comprehensive guide. Get detailed information about their characteristics, temperament, and uses. Discover why they are well-regarded in modern equestrian disciplines and remain a symbol of prestige to this day.

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baroque horses

Complete Guide To Baroque Horses: The Epitome of Elegance

Ever dreamed of a horse that’s a perfect blend of strength, grace, and intelligence? Say hello to the Baroque horse. Discover the history, physical traits, and 15 fascinating breeds of these majestic creatures. Don’t miss out on the chance to learn more about these irresistible horse breeds.

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horses from spain

Horses From Spain: A Guide to History, Breeds, and Culture

Embark on an enchanting journey to explore the magnificent horses of Spain. From the regal Andalusian to the sturdy Pottok, delve into the unique traits of each Spanish breed and the pivotal role they play in the rich Spanish culture.

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Pure Spanish Horse PRE

Discover All About The Purebred Spanish Horse (PRE)

Not all Spanish horses are the same! Did you know there's a significant difference between a Purebred Spanish Horse and an Andalusian Horse? Find out the surprising details.

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Cob Horses

Cob Horses: What They Are Explained!

Are Cobs horses or ponies? Explore the exciting and diverse world of Cob Horses and discover how they defy conventional categorizations. Get ready for some startling revelations in our intriguing article!

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Coldblood Hotblood Warmblood Horses

Understanding Horse Blood Types – Hot, Cold, and Warm Blood

In this post, unravel myths behind "blooded" horse terms—hot, cold, and warm. Learn how these labels reflect not temperature, but temperament and physical traits, offering deep insights into a horse's behavior, abilities, and their fascinating historical and modern roles.

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Andalusian Horses: Horse Breed Information

All you need to know about Andalusian Horses in one place - their size, colors, markings, temperament and uses. Understand the registration requirements for this breed and uncover the evolution of their coat colors. This comprehensive guide is a must-see for any horse enthusiast.

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19 Capable Horse Breeds For Plus-Size Riders

Struggling with finding the right horse for your size? Discover the perfect breeds suitable for plus-size riders. From Clydesdales to Fjords, find the right fit and reignite your love for riding.

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