About Joyful Equestrian

Long Time Equestrians & Equestrian Newbs

Welcome to Joyful Equestrian!

I want you to find and keep the joy in your equestrian journey as you continue to improve & learn more about riding and horses!

Here you will find:

  • Answers to your horse & riding questions
  • Tutorials & Guides on handling, horse care, & riding
  • Exercises for horse & rider
  • Fun equestrian lifestyle posts
  • Equestrian Printables
  • & more!

My goal is to help you grow as an equestrian and not just the riding part!

I want to encourage equestrians to :

  • always continue learning
  • keep safety in mind
  • keep the horse’s well-being at the forefront.

Whether you are just getting started with horses or you have been riding for a while.

I want to create horsey content that will help you improve in all aspects of horses, so you can be the best rider and horseman/horsewoman possible!