Horse Riding And Training

Welcome to the Horse Riding and Training category! As a stay-at-home mom with a rich riding instructor and trainer background, I’m eager to share my equestrian knowledge with fellow enthusiasts.

This category is perfect for beginner to intermediate riders interested in English balanced riding disciplines, western riding, and more.

Discover helpful tips and insights on horse conditioning, competitions, and training through our various subcategories. Although not all subcategories are covered yet, keep checking back for engaging and informative content updates.

Horseback Riding

Horseback riding fitness

Horseback Riding Fitness: Essential Exercises & Tips for Equestrians

Discover why fitness is crucial for horse riders! Learn how enhanced physical fitness improves riding performance, prevents injuries, and extends your active years in the saddle. Explore essential exercises tailored for equestrians, including core strengthening, flexibility routines, and more. Boost your riding skills and ensure a safer, more enjoyable experience for you and your horse.
beginner horse riding mistakes

Top 10 Beginner Horse Riding Mistakes To Avoid

Start your equestrian journey with confidence! Dive into essential tips from a seasoned rider to sidestep common beginner mistakes. This article offers a treasure trove of wisdom for new riders, shedding light on how to enhance your skills and foster a stronger bond with your horse. Start riding smarter today!


when horses pin their ears

Why Horses Pin Their Ears Back! What They are Signaling

Did you know your horse’s ears are a tell-tale sign of their mood and feelings? Learn what ear positions mean and how you can communicate better with your equine friend.

How to Stop a Horse from Pulling on the Bit: 7 Simple Steps

Unravel the surprising reasons why horses pull on the bit, including the often overlooked improper bit fitting and mouth sensitivity. Understand these underlying causes and illuminate your path to a stronger, healthier bond with your horse.

Horse Sports

horse disciplines and equestrian sports

58 Horse Disciplines: Discover a World of Equestrian Sports!

Dive deeper into the universe of horse disciplines. Ever wondered about the various types of horseback riding and activities? Find answers to all your questions and more. This article is your gate pass to a fascinating journey about equestrian sports!

What Is Horse Jumping Called? Horse Jumping Disciplines

From Show Jumping to Steeplechase, each horse jumping discipline brings its unique charm and challenges. Delve into the detailed breakdown of these various forms, their rules, and how they differ from one another. An informative guide for both novice and veteran equestrians alike.

Unleash Your Equestrian Potential with Our Riding Lesson Journal

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