Horse Riding And Training

Welcome to the Horse Riding and Training category! As a stay-at-home mom with a rich riding instructor and trainer background, I’m eager to share my equestrian knowledge with fellow enthusiasts.

This category is perfect for beginner to intermediate riders interested in English balanced riding disciplines, western riding, and more.

Discover helpful tips and insights on horse conditioning, competitions, and training through our various subcategories. Although not all subcategories are covered yet, keep checking back for engaging and informative content updates.

Horseback Riding

Best Beginner Riding Helmet: Why Choose the Ovation Deluxe Schooler Helmet in 2024

Choosing your first riding helmet can be tricky with so many options. When searching for the best beginner riding helmet, it’s all about getting the right mix of safety, comfort, and affordability, especially for new riders. That’s why I’m focusing on a helmet that gets this balance right – the Ovation Deluxe Schooler Helmet. A … Read more
why heels down

Heels Down! (The Why, Common Issues And Helpful Exercises)

Are you struggling to maintain the ‘Heels Down’ position in horseback riding? Discover why it’s crucial for balance and control, and how to overcome common challenges. Want to elevate your riding skills? Dive into our expert tips and exercises now! 🐎✨


when horses pin their ears

Why Horses Pin Their Ears Back! What They are Signaling

Hey there, horse loving friends! 🐴 Today, we’re diving into a hot topic: ear pinning in horses. Ever noticed your horse’s ears go flat against their head? It’s not just random; it’s a message, and we need to decode it! 👉 Why It’s Big Deal: Ear pinning isn’t just about a horse being mad or … Read more

How to Stop a Horse from Pulling on the Bit: 7 Simple Steps

Has your riding been not as good as it could be because of a horse that incessantly pulls on the bit? This common issue can transform a relaxing ride into a battle of wills, making riding an uncomfortable, even dangerous endeavor. But worry no more! In this comprehensive guide, we will go over the tried-and-true … Read more

Horse Sports

horse disciplines and equestrian sports

58 Horse Disciplines: Discover a World of Equestrian Sports!

“What kinds of horseback riding and activities are there?” “How many equestrian sports are there?” Questions I am sure you are interested in  These are called horse riding disciplines or horse disciplines because not all include riding.  There are some horse disciplines that are less commonly known and some that are rarely known. Most equestrians … Read more

What Is Horse Jumping Called? Horse Jumping Disciplines

Horse jumping is called by different names depending on the equestrian sport. Learn the different names of horse jumping disciplines out there.

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