Horse Riding And Training

Welcome to the Horse Riding and Training category! As a stay-at-home mom with a rich riding instructor and trainer background, I’m eager to share my equestrian knowledge with fellow enthusiasts.

This category is perfect for beginner to intermediate riders interested in English balanced riding disciplines, western riding, and more.

Discover helpful tips and insights on horse conditioning, competitions, and training through our various subcategories. Although not all subcategories are covered yet, keep checking back for engaging and informative content updates.

Horseback Riding

Can I Wear Leggings Horseback Riding?

Are you interested in getting started with horses and are wondering whether it is okay to wear leggings horseback riding? In this post I give my opinion on Leggings as far as horseback riding goes and reveal what kind of pants are best for riding.

Do I Need My Own Riding Helmet For Horseback Riding Lessons?

Are you going to be starting horseback riding lessons soon? Find out if you need to buy your own riding helmet. What to look for if you are buying your own riding helmet. And helmet recommendations.


how to train a horse to come and be caught easily. A woman standing with her Haflinger horse in a field.

How To Train A Horse To Come When Called And Be Caught Easily  

Discover how to train your horse to be caught and come when called using patient and consistent methods. This comprehensive guide covers the importance of daily practice, gradual progress, avoiding food bribes, balancing pleasant experiences, and addressing common FAQs, ensuring you build a strong and lasting bond with your equine companion.

How To Get A Horse To Trust You: A Step By Step Guide

Explore our comprehensive guide on building a lasting bond with your horse. Learn the importance of understanding body language, establishing routines, using positive reinforcement, and maintaining patience to create a trusting relationship with your equine companion. Dive into this step-by-step guide to transform your partnership with your horse today.

Horse Sports

horse disciplines and equestrian sports

58 Horse Disciplines: Discover a World of Equestrian Sports!

“What kinds of horseback riding and activities are there?” “How many equestrian sports are there?” Questions I am sure you are interested in  These are called horse riding disciplines or horse disciplines because not all include riding.  There are some horse disciplines that are less commonly known and some that are rarely known. Most equestrians … Read more

What Is Horse Jumping Called? Horse Jumping Disciplines

Horse jumping is called by different names depending on the equestrian sport. Learn the different names of horse jumping disciplines out there.

Unleash Your Equestrian Potential with Our Riding Lesson Journal

Transform your horseback riding journey with our comprehensive Riding Lesson Journal. This all-in-one solution helps you track your progress, remember lesson details, and plan achievable goals. With over 60 customizable pages, you’ll stay organized, motivated, and make the most of every lesson. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your equestrian experience – check out the Riding Lesson Journal now!