Disney Horses In Real Life

Are you a Disney fan and a horse lover? Welcome to a magical tour where we explore the real-life inspirations behind Disney's animated horses. Join us as we compare the animated Disney horses to their real-life counterparts. You'll be amazed at the similarities!

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21 Famous Horses in Movies and TV

These hoofed superstars have captured our hearts while stealing the show in popular films and TV shows. Uncover their fascinating stories, their lives behind the scenes, and the legacy they've left behind.

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Do Horses Need To Wear Shoes? (Videos & Resources)

The hoof does more than just bear weight. Learn about the intricate structures within a horse's hoof, how it aids in blood circulation, provides traction, and absorbs shock while in motion. Plus, get insights on alternatives to traditional horseshoeing methods.

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7 Fastest Horse Breeds Besides The Thoroughbred & Quarter Horse

Do you think only thoroughbreds and quarter horses can ace the race? Think again! Discover 7 surprising horse breeds with impressive speed in our brand new pin. Explore the exciting realm of horse racing beyond the usual players.

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What Are Young Horses Called? 50 Facts About Baby Horses

Ever wondered how long foals take to stand after birth? Or when they start eating solid food? Explore this comprehensive guide for detailed insights into the life of a foal. From birth, nutrition, growth, behavior and much more, Learn it all about baby horses.

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understand your horse's body language

Horse Communication 101: Equine Psychology Series Part 5

From whinnies and nickers to ear movements and tail swings, every sound and gesture has a meaning. This comprehensive guide will help you decode the language of horses for a deeper understanding and improved connection with your equine friends.

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Horse Instincts

Horse Instincts: Equine Psychology Mini-Series | Part 4

How well do you know your horse's instincts? Be it their acute senses, tendency to flee from fear, social nature, or instinct to mate, each characteristic plays a crucial role in their behavior. Discover more about each of these instincts in today's article, an invaluable guide for anyone dealing with horses on a regular basis. The journey through equine psychology continues.

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Horse Herd Behavior

Horses As Herd Animals: Equine Psychology Mini-Series | Part 3

Ever wondered why horses are often found in herds? It's not just about companionship; a herd offers safety, hierarchy, and even helps reduce anxiety. Join us as we unpack the psychological benefits of herds to horses.

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Horses As Prey Animals: Equine Psychology Mini Series | Part 2

Here's a shocking fact: Your horse considers YOU a predator! It's all about our fundamental biological differences that shape how they perceive us. Find out what makes them think this way and how you can build trust and respect in our Equine Psychology Mini Series.

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Equine Psychology Mini Series | Part 1 Intro

Think horses are just oversized pets? Think again! Take a surprising look at the myths around how horses behave, and reveals how equine psychology differs drastically from your household pet. Get ready to have your preconceptions challenged and learn the truth about horses.

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kids horse tv shows

Top 11 Kids Horse TV Shows & Cartoons

Is your child passionate about horses? Here's a list of the top kids' horse TV shows and cartoons that are packed with engaging storylines, enchanting characters, and of course, horses.

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Sleeping horses lying down

How Horses Sleep: Interesting Details!

Enrich your knowledge about the unique sleep patterns of horses. Discover how they can sleep standing up due to a special locking system in their legs known as the 'stay apparatus', and learn how this attribute helps them stay alert for potential dangers.

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Learn all about work horse breeds

17 Work Horses: Breeds Still At It Today!

In the age of tech and machines, do we still need work horses? Delve into a thought-provoking discussion on the controversial role of modern-day workhorse breeds in agriculture, transportation, and even pleasure riding.

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Best horse quotes picked by an equestrian

Best Horse Quotes: By A Horse Person

Looking for the perfect horse quote for your project or social media post? From funny to inspiring, explore our extensive collection of the most beautiful horse quotes.

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biggest horse breeds

11 Biggest Horse Breeds in the World

Think you know the heaviest and tallest horses ever documented? Brace yourself as we challenge common equine knowledge and unveil surprising facts about these record-breaking giants of the horse world.

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