Where To Find Horses For Sale? Horse Classified Site List

Ready to buy a horse of your very own? It may have been a long time coming dream… now, finally a possibility. Or maybe you’ve just decided you’re ready for the commitment, responsibility and you really want your own horse. But where to even find horses for sale?

You can find horses for sale easily on the web, through classified ads, forums and social media and even off of the internet as well.

I am going to go over different places you find horses for sale off of the internet and on the internet.

The funny thing is when looking for horses off the internet sometimes you still need the internet to get phone numbers, addresses, emails etc. So you will still need use of the web in most instances.

The easiest way to find horses for sale is searching for ads on the web. HOWEVER, you may be able to find horses not listed on the internet by the other methods. Horses that might be a good match and closer to your area.

The best thing to do when looking for your new horse is to:

  • not rush into anything
  • be thorough

The upkeep is more than the purchase and start up costs.

So you want to make sure you buy the right horse, since you will be putting so much blood, sweat, and tears into that horse.

6 Places To Find Horses For Sale Off Of The Internet

  • Place 1: Call the local barns in your area and ask if they have any horses for sale.

  • Place 2: Ask your trainer or riding instructor if they know of any horses for sale.

  • Place 3: Go to local tack shops and coop stores, sometimes they have binders or bulletin boards with horse for sale papers posted.

  • Place 4: If you are part of a horse organization. Ask your fellow members if they know of any horses for sale.

  • Place 5: Horse magazine and newspaper publications usually have a classifieds section.

  • Place 6: Ask around at horse shows for any horses for sale.

  • If you have any that I haven’t listed send me an email, at [email protected] I will add it here with your name and if you want a link to your site, or social media account. 🙂

7 Places To Find Horses For Sale On The Internet

  • Place 1: Horse Classified Sites

  • Place 2: Horse Organization Sites (Most have a classified section or a forum with area for horses to be listed for sale.)

  • Place 3: Facebook Groups

  • Place 4: Facebook Search

  • Place 5: Horse Farm Websites

  • Place 6: Horse Rescues Sites (Adoption is a great alternative to purchase! It helps rescues have more room to save more horses. There are many still good and useful horses available for adoption.)

  • Place 7: Search On Craigslist Near Your Area

  • Again: If you have any that I haven’t listed send me an email, at [email protected] I will add it here with your name and if you want a link to your site, or social media account. 🙂

List Of Horse Classified Sites

Did I miss any? Email me at [email protected]!

  1. Dream Horse
  2. Equine Now
  3. E-Horses
  4. Horse Clicks
  5. Big EQ
  6. Horse Finders
  7. Ranch World Ads
  8. Horse Trader
  9. My Horse For Sale
  10. Find Horses For Sale
  11. Equivont
  12. Horse
  13. Local Horse
  14. Equine
  15. Virginia Equestrian

Key Takeaways!

You have some resources now to find your heart horse.

-Look both online and offline.

-Don’t rush and get the wrong horse.

-Be patient and find the right horse for you.

-Enjoy the journey of finding your heart horse.

Good luck in your search! Cheers,


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Kacey has been riding and working with horses since 1998. She got an A.S. in Equine Industries from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, where she was also on the UMass dressage team. She was certified by the American Riding Instructors Association and is licensed to teach riding in Massachusetts. She has been a barn manager and has run a boarding and lesson barn. Kacey was a working student at several eventing and dressage barns. She has owned horses, leased horses, and trained horses from untouched to green as well as retrained racehorses. For more on Kacey, you can look at her About The Blog page.
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