3 Reasons I LOVE the My Happy Riding Lesson Binder

This is a guest post written by Reese from Horses of the Ozark Hills blog.

I first heard about My Happy Lesson Binder by entering a giveaway held by Sparkles Rainbows and Unicorns. After receiving one of the prize copies of the digital binder, I became an affiliate of the program.

My Happy Lesson Binder is a super fun, creative, and successful way to keep track of all your lessons. I have had nothing but good experiences with this binder and would love to share my three reasons why I love this binder as well as some of my favorite pages!


    Firstly, I love how customizable this binder is. It presents the rider with cover & page options that help to make each person’s binder unique! The first couple of pages give the rider the perfect space to record all the unique things about themselves & their lesson horse!

Since you can choose your cover and the pages you want, your binder won’t be like anyone else’s! And while the pages are filled with color & sparkle, there is also room for the author to add their own decor & truly make this binder their own!


    There’s no doubt about it, this binder has the potential to keep any equestrian on track & organized. Coloring pages feature horse themed ways to track your mood and how your lesson went. There are several note pages to fill in after your riding lesson to record all that happened during your lesson as well as note pages that help you prepare for next time. 

For Horse Lovers Only 

       There’s no question as to who this binder was meant for; it’s clearly for horse crazy equestrians! Colorful decor adorns every page. Motivational images are sprinkled throughout, and the numerous page options have just the right fill-in-the-blanks for a horse rider & owner. 

The My Happy Lesson Binder is FILLED with wonderful pages designed to help the everyday equestrian stay organized.

One of my favorite page options is the “A-HA Moments Tracker” and the “Improvement Tracker” page. Both have spaces to jot down your improvements or “a-ha” moments!

I also really love the “Riding Milestone” tracker. It lists milestones to strive for & complete such as “keep my balance at the canter” and “take apart a bridle and put it back together.” This list of milestones also includes “fun” goals as well, like “ride an OTTB,” “paint horse jumps,” and  “fall off.”

It does leave out riding on the beach, which has been a lifelong goal of mine! Even so, the six pages of on and off the horse milestones help to inspire goals as well as inspire lesson plans.

   If you take horse riding lessons, this binder will prove to be a BIG help to you! You can read more about the My Happy Lesson Binder here! 

Tails & trails,