herd of horses: are horses a prey animal

Are Horses Prey Animals Or Are Horses Predators?

Horses: powerful, fast, and... prey? It may come as a surprise to many of us that these mighty creatures are actually prey animals in the wild. Explore the controversial side of horse behavior and learn how their 'prey instincts' shape their interactions and adaptations.

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14 Horse TV Shows You Must Watch If Your A Horse Lover!

Do you love horses and are in the mood to binge-watch some TV or are looking for a new equine themed TV show to watch. Here are 14 horse TV ...

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All Stables BOTW

Ultimate Guide To All Stables In The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild (BOTW)

Let us be your guide in The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild (BOTW) universe, where stables are not just for boarding horses. From their strategic placements to the varied resources found within, we provide a detailed dive into the captivating world of BOTW stables.

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Learn all about horses hair

Horses Hair: 19 Amazing Facts About Equine Hair

Decode the science of horse hair in our comprehensive guide. Understand the various hair types, their functions, and how to maintain them. This one-stop information source is a must-read for all horse enthusiasts!

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can horses see in the dark

Can Horses See In The Dark? (Horse Night Vision Explained!)

This might surprise you, but did you know that horses have better night vision than humans? Check out our post for more unexpected facts about horse vision.

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Horse grooming basics and tools for grooming horses.

Essential Horse Grooming Tools (Basics Of Grooming Horses)

Are you just starting to learn about horses and their care? The world of grooming tools and techniques can be overwhelming for beginners. Discover essential horse grooming tools, their uses, and tips for choosing the best products to keep your horse healthy and comfortable. I aim to help you feel well-equipped and knowledgeable about horse grooming, ensuring the well-being of both you and the horses you encounter.

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How To Approach a Nervous Horse Casually and Confidently

Are you facing a challenge while trying to approach a nervous horse? Learn expert tips on how to create a calm and trusting environment. Gain insight on assessing the situation, creating a calm environment, gaining trust, and establishing control.Follow these expert tips and insights to ensure the safety and well-being of both you and your equine companion.

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mistakes to avoid when approaching a horse

9 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Approaching a Horse

Approaching a horse isn’t as simple as you might think. Gain valuable insights from our detailed guide and avoid common mistakes that could jeopardize your safety or the horse's comfort.

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how to train a horse to come and be caught easily. A woman standing with her Haflinger horse in a field.

How To Train A Horse To Come When Called And Be Caught Easily  

Ever struggled to catch your horse? Break free from chasing around and discover the joy of calling your horse and they come to you effortlessly. Learn the techniques of patience, consistency, and positive reinforcement to train your horse to come when called. A smoother, more rewarding equine partnership awaits!

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How to Approach an Aggressive Horse. Sunset with a horse that has their ears pinned back.

How To Approach an Aggressive Horse (Taming The Storm)

Did you know aggression in horses isn't necessarily a sign of dominance? Let's debunk traditional misconceptions in equine behavior. Dive into the fascinating world of horse communication, learn about the influences that can lead to aggression and how this doesn't automatically equate to an attempt to maintain 'alpha' status.

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How to approach a horse. Woman walking up to grey horse at a gate

How To Approach A Horse (Horse Handling Basics)

Master the art of approaching horses with this detailed, step-by-step guide. Discover the nuances of horse behavior, understand the importance of observing body language before getting too close and learn about general safety guidelines that will ensure a pleasant and secure experience for you and the horse. An informative guide for both novice and experienced horse handlers.

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Blue Roan Horse

Blue Roan Horse (Everything You Need To Know!)

Stirring controversy in the equine world, there's no such thing as a true blue horse! The blue roan horse, one of the rarest roan colors, achieves its extraordinary hue through a mix of white hairs on a black base coat, resulting in a seemingly blue horse.

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Spiritual Horse Quotes. Horse and girl happy together

Spiritual Horse Quotes: Uplifting Wisdom from Equestrian Souls

Join us as we explore the spiritual realms of horse wisdom. You'll find uplifting quotes that celebrate the potent transformative power of these magnificent creatures and how they shape our lives.

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Bay horse with normal withers

Complete Guide to Horse Withers And Problems

Did you think that horse withers were not that significant? Think again! Discover the astounding influences they can have on your horse's movement, performance and overall health.

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young girl sitting on a beautiful white horse in the cosmos dreaming. horse dream meaning

Horse Dream Meanings

Unravel the mystery of horse dreams with an informative guide dissecting 13 dream symbols tied to personal growth and transformation. Discover how the majestic horse’s presence in your dreams is a mirror reflecting your life’s journey.

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