when horses pin their ears

Why Horses Pin Their Ears Back! What They are Signaling

Did you know your horse’s ears are a tell-tale sign of their mood and feelings? Learn what ear positions mean and how you can communicate better with your equine friend.

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How to Stop a Horse from Pulling on the Bit: 7 Simple Steps

Unravel the surprising reasons why horses pull on the bit, including the often overlooked improper bit fitting and mouth sensitivity. Understand these underlying causes and illuminate your path to a stronger, healthier bond with your horse.

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how to train a horse to come and be caught easily. A woman standing with her Haflinger horse in a field.

How To Train A Horse To Come When Called And Be Caught Easily  

Ever struggled to catch your horse? Break free from chasing around and discover the joy of calling your horse and they come to you effortlessly. Learn the techniques of patience, consistency, and positive reinforcement to train your horse to come when called. A smoother, more rewarding equine partnership awaits!

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How to Approach an Aggressive Horse. Sunset with a horse that has their ears pinned back.

How To Approach an Aggressive Horse (Taming The Storm)

Did you know aggression in horses isn't necessarily a sign of dominance? Let's debunk traditional misconceptions in equine behavior. Dive into the fascinating world of horse communication, learn about the influences that can lead to aggression and how this doesn't automatically equate to an attempt to maintain 'alpha' status.

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10 Signs Your Horse Is Unbalanced In The Canter

Most riders are missing crucial signs of unbalance in their horses. Let's get into these lesser-known symptoms that could indicate your horse is finding its canter challenging.

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What To Do If Your Horse Constantly Opens Their Mouth With A Bit!

Your horse is opening their mouth under saddle. You’ve tried to solve the problem with different bits, nose bands, and even had the vet out to check your horse’s mouth ...

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