beginner horse riding mistakes

Top 10 Beginner Horse Riding Mistakes To Avoid

Start your equestrian journey with confidence! Dive into essential tips from a seasoned rider to sidestep common beginner mistakes. This article offers a treasure trove of wisdom for new riders, shedding light on how to enhance your skills and foster a stronger bond with your horse. Start riding smarter today!

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horse riding benefits include joy and reducing stress

What Are The Benefits Of Horseback Riding?

Discover the surprising benefits of horseback riding! From boosting your health to enhancing happiness and creating lasting friendships, find out how this amazing activity can change your life. Learn more about the joy and advantages riding brings.

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How To Start Horseback Riding For Beginners

Start your equestrian adventure today! This guide covers finding the right riding instructor, choosing your riding gear, and deciding between Western and English styles. Learn about your first lesson, interacting with horses safely, and how to continue improving your skills.

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Best Beginner Riding Helmet in 2024

In this article, you'll discover the secrets to choosing the perfect beginner riding helmet, focusing on the Ovation Deluxe Schooler. Uncover how its unique blend of safety, comfort, and affordability sets it apart, ensuring an optimal start to your equestrian journey.

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why heels down

Heels Down! (The Why, Common Issues And Helpful Exercises)

In this article, you'll learn the biomechanics behind the essential 'Heels Down' technique in horseback riding, discover solutions to common hurdles, and receive a selection of exercises aimed at enhancing your posture, balance, and connection with your horse.

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foot placement in the stirrups a guide

Foot Placement In The Stirrups: How Far Should Your Feet Go in?

Brace yourself for a notable revelation in the stirrup world. Ever been told to align your stirrups with the toe line of your boots? Well, it might be time to reconsider! Discover the surprising truth about stirrups placement and its effects on your ride.

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how to get the right length for stirrups

How To Get The Proper Stirrup Length (English Stirrups)

In this post, you'll learn the crucial role stirrup length plays in your riding form, stability, and horse's comfort. Discover practical steps for adjusting to the optimal length, ensuring a seamless, secure experience in the saddle for both novice and seasoned equestrians.

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Can I Wear Leggings Horseback Riding?

Discover whether it's suitable to wear leggings when riding horses. We will explore the positives and drawbacks and compare them to traditional breeches and riding tights. Stay tuned for our comprehensive guide.

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Do I Need My Own Riding Helmet For Horseback Riding Lessons?

Surprise! Using helmets from the lesson barn might not be as safe as you think. From fit issues to unknown past falls, we expose the risks involved. Safety first, right?

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7 Simple Reasons You Keep Losing Stirrups In Canter

The Secret to Keeping Your Foot in the Stirrup While Cantering Learn step-by-step methods on how to keep your foot in the stirrups while cantering. Say goodbye to losing balance and say hello to a more seamless ride. Discover how grip, balance, and stirrup length play crucial roles in achieving that perfect canter. Get right into this insightful guide now!

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What Is A Horse Rider Called? (Proper Terms For Horse Riders)

Think all horse riders are called Jockeys? Prepare to have your horse-riding stereotypes smashed! Explore the diversity of horseback riders, from cowboys to show jumpers and beyond. Buckle up for an equestrian revelation!

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How Much Horse Riding Lessons Cost: Why They Are So Expensive!

Are horse riding lessons really worth the price? Let's go over the breakdown of the costs involved in horse riding lessons, from property costs to equipment and insurance costs. Discover why every penny is worth it!

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Can I Teach Myself To Ride A Horse? Find Out!

Ever been intrigued by horseback riding? Ever thought about learning on your own? Hop on and journey with us as we explore the realm of becoming a self-taught equestrian. Discover the pros, cons, and everything in between. Remember, it’s not just about the destination, but the exciting journey that comes with it!

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How To Ride A Horse For Beginners: Ultimate Guide

Unleash the rider in you! Learn the fundamentals of horse riding with our step-by-step guide. We're focusing on creating a safe and enjoyable experience with your 1,000-pound buddy. From understanding their likes and dislikes to mastering the art of mounting and dismounting – we help you get closer to your dream, one gallop at a time.

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What To Expect At Your First Riding Lesson: Free Printable Checklist Included

Are you nervous about your first horseback riding lesson? We reveal the secrets and tricks to surviving and thriving in your first lesson. Expect unexpected surprises on every turn as you saddle up and make your equestrian dreams come true.

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