FREE Equestrian Resource Library

Want to improve in your riding or make your life easier as an equestrian? You’re in the right place! This section of my site is just for YOU, my awesome reader. I’m pretty excited you’re here.

Below, view my library of free resources, that will help you grow as an equestrian.

Email me at [email protected]. If you have any printable ideas you would like to try.

Basic Riding Aids Cheat Sheets

Use to practice riding at home through visualization.

Memorize to help improve with your riding.

Use a copy to cross out and add in the method your instructor teaches you.

Add this basic riding cheat sheets to your riding tool box.

8 page PDF.


  • 6 Pages Basic Riding Aids
  • Cover + Directions

Horse Buying Budget Worksheet

Keep track of your budget when buying a horse.

If your planning on buying a horse this is a useful worksheet that will help you stay within your budget.

There is more expenses to buying a horse than just the purchase price and this worksheet helps you figure out how much you need to save for.

Also a blank sheet you can fill in yourself.

Use this

4 page PDF.


  • Horse Buying Worksheet If Your Boarding
  • Horse Buying Worksheet If You Are Keeping Horse At Home
  • Blank Horse Buying Worksheet
  • Directions

Equestrian Fitness Test

Keep track of your fitness level with this test.

I challenge you over the next two months to add movement and exercise to your day 5 days a week.

Whether it is an exercise routine, a walk around the block, walking up and down the stairs 20 times, horseback riding, or whatever.

Join me in making this commitment and let’s see how we improve on and off the horse.

2 page PDF.


  • Fit Test Record Sheet
  • Directions

Daily Horse Care Routine Checklist

Make your life easier working at the barn.

2 page PDF.

Helps you:

  • Save time through streamlining your horse care routine.
  • Remember everything you need to do.
  • When you need help at the barn and can give this easy to follow checklist.

Riding Lesson Tracker

This is just a page out of the My Happy Riding Lesson Binder.

1 page PDF.

Helps you:

  • Remember your riding lessons, what went on and what you were learning.
  • See your riding progress.
  • See trends in your riding lessons.

Pre-Horse Lease Question List

Make sure this horse is the right horse for you to lease, with this questionnaire.

4 page PDF.


  • 57 questions
  • Space to jot down answers.

First Horse Riding Lesson Checklist

Be totally prepared for your first riding lesson.

1 page PDF.


  • Questions to ask before lesson.
  • Checklist to prepare days before lesson.
  • Checklist to prepare day of the lesson.

Horsey Name Game

A fun way to choose your new horse’s name.

2 page PDF.


  • Page of directions for how to play.
  • Game page.