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Top 20 Best Selling Horse Treats on Amazon For 2020

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Every horse is unique and so are their dietary needs! In this informative post, discover the top 3 horse treats on Amazon tailored to different dietary needs like low sugar or higher fatty acids for better coat and hoof health. The choices you make can have a major effect on your horse's health and happiness!

I don’t know why but while browsing on Amazon ‘horse treats’ popped in my mind. Then I started thinking about what kind I might like to try with Chip, my lease horse. I figured I would look at the best-sellers, because if others are loving them then that has to be a good sign that their horses like them too.

Amazon’s top-selling horse treat brands are Manna Pro, Equus Magnificus, Horsemen’s Pride, Mrs. Pastures, Uncle Jimmys, Purina.

Chip is the cutest 20-year-old chestnut Quarter Horse I ever saw! He deserves some yummy treats, just for being cute. Plus he is calm and reliable for the most part.

So maybe you have a cute horse in your life, that you want to buy treats for too. Hence why I created this post: the top 20 best selling horse treats on Amazon.

Disclosure: Just letting you know that any product links to Amazon are affiliate links. “As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.” No extra cost to you. Thank you for any support!

I just want to point out that some of the treats on Amazon’s bestseller list were the same bag of treats just different sized bags. So on my list here, I will skip the duplicate treats. Basically, the list won’t look exactly like Amazons is what I am trying to say. But they will be in the order of best selling.

Top 20 Horse Treats on Amazon Right Now

1. Manna Pro Apple Flavored Bite-Sized Nuggets Horse Treats

There are 300 treats per bag, plus added minerals and vitamins.

2. Equus Magnificus German Horse Muffins

This is 7lbs but it is available in different sizes. It is all-natural and is great for giving with medicine. You may have to warm them up in your hand a bit but then can wedge a pill in there. I’ve done this more than once, with several different horses and it seemed to work well.

3. Horsemen’s Pride Treat refill for Stall Snack Holder Apple

This is a refill for the Stall Snack Holder. It is like a block of apple-flavored sugar. The purpose is to have it hang in the stall and the horse tries to lick it. You want to make sure it isn’t too close to the wall. They can push it against the wall and eat it down real quick. Supposedly the company says it should last 3 weeks. I’ve seen horses eat them in a few days. It depends on your horse I guess.

4. Mrs. Pastures Horse Cookies & Treats

Made in the USA, with all-natural ingredients. It claims to be America’s number 1 horse treat. It has a hard crunchy texture and has a 30-day money-back guarantee.

5. Equus Magnificusinc Mint The German Minty Muffins

This is similar to the original German muffin, mentioned for number 2 and is the same brand. But it has peppermint oil mixed into the muffin and a peppermint placed on top. Yummy!

6. Manna Pro Peppermint Nuggets Horse Treats

Like number 1, Manna Pro Nuggets have 300 horse treats in the bag. But this bag is Peppermint flavored.

7. Manna Pro Bite-Size Carrot and Spice Flavored

Manna Pro Nuggets again. This time carrot and spice flavor. I like that the added the spice into the mix. But what spice I wonder? Interesting to see that Apple is the best seller though.

8. Manna Pro NutriGood Low Sugar Snax Apple Flavor

Claims that it has 80% less sugar and starch than the leading horse treats. All ingredients are natural and there is no added sugar. It might be good for horses that are on a calorie restriction or a low sugar diet.

9. Uncle Jimmys 2 Pack Of Hanging Ball Apple Flavored

This is similar to the Horseman’s Pride Stall Snack. But it is purely a treat ball on a rope. My horses from the past have loved this. Like I said with the Hanging Stall Snack, keep it away from the wall or it will be gobbled up pretty quick. Great for horses stuck in the stall or bored when they come inside.

10. Omega Nibblers Low Sugar & Starch Apple Flavor

Natural ingredients.Says they have best ratios of the full spectrum of natural Omega EFA’s – higher in 3 and 9, lower in 6.

The treat claims it helps restore cracked, brittle hoofs and promotes a shiny healthy coat. Stops sweet-itch and bug bite sores and helps alleviate stiff joints by reducing inflammation.

I am assuming this is because of the Omega Fatty Acids help do these things.

11. Standlee Hay Company Horse Treat Apple Berry Flavor

Apparently not recommended to horses with dental issues… says this on the back of the bag. However all-natural ingredients. Made with alfalfa hay, timothy grass hay, cranberry apple juice, sunflower oil, and Bentonite.

12. Purina Apple and Oat Flavored Horse Treats

Good value for the bag. People seem to have good luck with these treats as far as their horses liking the apple and oat flavors. Says it is a nutritional treat.

13. Manna Pro Senior Snax Treats Apple Flavor

The treat is heart-shaped and the shelf life is one year after the date stamp. It has omega fatty acids, biotin, glucosamine, vitamin c and vitamin e. Says to store in a cool dry area.

14. Flix Treats for Horses

It says it has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties because it is high in Omega 3’s. These treats are made with 100% flaxseed. They are cold-pressed under extreme pressure, there is nothing else to make them stick.

15. Probios Horse Treats for Digestion Support

This is a lactose-free horse treat, that is supposed to aid in digestion. The treat has probiotics which are to help maintain proper gut flora and help support gut absorption.

16. Purina Nicker Makers Horse Treats

This is another flavor of the same Purina mentioned at number 12. Says your horse will love the crunch and hint of molasses. So I guess molasses is supposed to make your horse nicker?

17. Horsemen’s Pride Stall Snack Holder with Apple Flavored Refill

This is for the holder for the horse treat at number 3. It is supposed to hang in the stall away from the wall, and swing and spin when the horse tries to lick it. Help relieve boredom.

18. Manna Pro NutriGood Low Sugar Snax Carrots and Anise Flavor

This is the same as number 8 but in a different flavor… carrots and anise. I like anise cookies. I wonder if it sort of taste like that with a little bit of carrot flavor? Probably not. But this treat is good for horses on a special low starch or low sugar or both diet who like carrot flavor.

19. Purina Carrot and Oat Flavored Horse Treats

Another bag of Purina horse treats like numbers 12 and 16. Carrot flavor this time. It seems like once again in the reviews that this treat was a hit with the horses that tried it.

20. Buckeye Peppermint Bits

These treats are all-natural with no added sugar. However, it does contain some molasses. These peppermint treats were made with peppermint oil. The horses love them and the bag comes with a good amount of treats.

What Is The Best Treat For A Horse?

Healthy treats such as certain fruits and vegetables are the best treats for horses. But bagged horse treats that you can buy at a store last longer and store better. Like if you wanted to keep some treats in your tack trunk, grooming tote or car, bagged treats would probably be better.

An Upcoming post will be answering horse treat questions and best horse treat practices.

So What Bag Of Treats Are You Going To Try?

Okay, I don’t mean what bag of horse treats are you going to eat… I mean your horses… the horses you work with. I am curious to know which treats the horses like and which treats they don’t.

Every horse is different though and what one likes another may not.

Write in the comments what bag your gonna buy and let us know if your horse or horses ended up liking it.

So far I have found that Chip is not very picky. He loves all the treats I have given him so far. Manna Pro Apple Flavored Nuggets are what I am going to get for him next.

Have Fun With Your Ponies, Kacey

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