Open Rein Meaning: What Is An Opening Rein & How Do You Do It?

When horseback riding one off the ways you communicate with the horse is with your hands through the reins. There are several different ways to use the reins. Today we are going over the open rein.

What Is An Open Rein

An open rein is one way to use the reins when riding a horse.

Using an open rein or opening rein, has also been known as an inviting rein, is what we call a type of rein aid.

There are different rein aids you can use when riding horses. An open rein is only one of your options.

Why An Opening Rein Is Useful

Using an open rein is very useful and usually not used enough by riders. An open rein is more commonly used in English riding oppose to Western riding.

It’s good for inviting or guiding the horse to turn on a circle or bend, as well as straighten out a horse jumping a line of fences or signaling to the horse on a jump course of an approaching tight turn.

An open rein is particularly good when working with young inexperienced or green horses.

Because this type of rein aid seems to be clearer than just squeezing on the reins and with two opening reins it helps to keep the green horse moving straight.

How To Use An Open Rein While Riding

To use an open rein you simply bring your inside hand in towards the middle of your turn, while not pulling back or dropping the contact.

In other words you turn your hand away from your horse neck in the direction you want your horse to turn or bend.

It helps to think of the center point of the circle or your turn and bring your hand toward that center point.

In The Next Blog Post

In the next blog post we will go over two common problems people encounter when they use an open rein while riding.




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