foot placement in the stirrups a guide

Foot Placement In The Stirrups: How Far Should Your Feet Go in?

Brace yourself for a notable revelation in the stirrup world. Ever been told to align your stirrups with the toe line of your boots? Well, it might be time to reconsider! Discover the surprising truth about stirrups placement and its effects on your ride.

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how to get the right length for stirrups

How To Get The Proper Stirrup Length (English Stirrups)

In this post, you'll learn the crucial role stirrup length plays in your riding form, stability, and horse's comfort. Discover practical steps for adjusting to the optimal length, ensuring a seamless, secure experience in the saddle for both novice and seasoned equestrians.

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How to Stop a Horse from Pulling on the Bit: 7 Simple Steps

Unravel the surprising reasons why horses pull on the bit, including the often overlooked improper bit fitting and mouth sensitivity. Understand these underlying causes and illuminate your path to a stronger, healthier bond with your horse.

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how to ask a horse to trot

How To Ask A Horse To Trot In 6 Steps

Looking to master the walk-trot transition? This pin will guide you through all the nuances of communication and movement, helping not only to enhance your riding skills, but also deepen the bond with your horse. Get ready to ride smoothly and confidently with this step-by-step tutorial.

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Open Rein Meaning: What Is An Opening Rein & How Do You Do It?

Are you leveraging the open rein technique optimally while horseback riding? We breakdown the steps to correctly use an open rein and how it can make your horse turn, bend or straighten out more effectively. Equip yourself with this invaluable knowledge today.

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How To Tell You’re On The Correct Posting Diagonal At The Trot

Riding on the correct posting diagonal can be a challenge for beginners. Dive into our comprehensive guide that is going to make mastering this horse riding skill as easy as pie.

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Basic Horse Riding Aids Cheat Sheet

Discover the essential guide to better horse riding. This basic cheat sheet will help refine your technique, provide handy tips, and improve your communication with your horse. Perfect for beginner and advanced riders alike. Sign up now to get your free copy.

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How To Effectively Ask Your Horse To Canter

Ever wondered how to get a perfect horse canter? Discover the secret to smoothly guiding your horse into a balanced, energetic trot. Pin and unravel the mystery of horse canter.

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