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14 Horse TV Shows You Must Watch If Your A Horse Lover!

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Do you love horses and are in the mood to binge-watch some TV or are looking for a new equine themed TV show to watch. Here are 14 horse TV shows you should definitely take time to watch. A few are more geared toward the teen and adult crowd and some are more for tweens

Do you love horses and are in the mood to binge-watch some TV or are looking for a new equine themed TV show to watch. Here are 14 horse TV shows you should definitely take time to watch.

A few are more geared toward the teen and adult crowd and some are more for tweens and young kids, but when you love horses, sometimes all it takes is for there to be horses in the show.

Or maybe that’s just me… because I am home with a toddler and happy that he is enjoying Horseland and Spirit just as much as the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and the Octonauts. Although I don’t really mind the Octonauts for a kiddie show.

Anyway, these horse TV shows are a mix of old and new. I have included a trailer and quick overview for each TV show so you can get a feel for what the show is about and if it’s something you might want to watch.

1. RIDE (2016-2017)

Ride is a Canadian TV series on Nickelodeon. A girl names Kit Bridges ends up moving to England from America because her father takes a job as a riding instructor at prestigious boarding school called Covington Academy.

Kit makes new friends at the school, but almost everyone at the school rides horses except for her. She has a strong fear of horses and ends up deciding to overcome her fear with the help of a misfit horse she seems to be drawn to that no one else wants to ride.

Kind of cliche but worth watching for sure. Get ready for a high school drama mixed with horses.

2. MYSTIC (2020-Present)

Issie moved from London to a quiet country town in the peninsula of Kauri Point, New Zealand, a fictional place. She’s reluctant about the move and sad to leave her friends behind. She makes sure to keep in touch though.

Now she must make new friends but it’s a struggle. However, in this new place, she is surprised to discover that she has an interest in horses. Out of the blue, she ends up bonding with a wild pony named Blaze and a mysterious stallion named Mystic.

Despite wanting to run away as she had done in the past, the horses manage to change her mind about running away. Mystic gives Issie visions that something is not right in this place.

Then worrying events surrounding a new industrial business end up causes a string of events to happen, where Issie and her new friends must take big risks and overcome challenges in order to save their community, the horses, and everything they love about Kauri Point.

3. FREE REIN (2017-2019)

Free Rein starts with a 15-year-old girl named Zoe spends the summer at her grandfather’s house on an island off of England. She meets a black horse named Raven and the pair of them develop an immediate bond.

Zoe ends up making new friends and overcomes problems in her life she has been struggling with for a long time. On top of that now she is beginning her equestrian journey learning about horses and how to ride.

This sounds similar to the other horse TV shows because they are very similar especially with the black horses and new girl, new rider cliche. But the stories are all a little bit different and worth the watch.

4. HEARTLAND (2007-Present)

Heartland is a golden favorite for many horse lovers. It is a family drama that is based on the Heartland book series. There are now 11 seasons and it is definitely worth the watch. Love it!

The show starts off with the main character Amy trying to save a neglected horse that seems abandoned. She tells her Mom that she saw the horse while she was out on a trail ride and that he is in really bad shape. Amy convinces her Mom to go with her and pick up the horse with their horse trailer, but a strong storm quickly rolls in and the drive back becomes a disaster.

This show has cliches like other horse TV shows but not so much. It has a pretty good storyline and you really get to see the characters develop and grow. Definitely worth the watch.

5. YELLOWSTONE (2018-Present)

Here’s a show I’ve heard plenty about but haven’t had a chance to tune into myself – “Yellowstone.” Now, this isn’t your typical horse show.

It’s a contemporary western drama series that’s all about the Dutton family who own the largest ranch in Montana.

These folks will do just about anything to protect their land. If you love a good drama, this might be one to check out.

The real kicker here is the show’s creator, Taylor Sheridan. Not only is he a ranch owner himself, but he’s a cowboy with a real passion for reining.

Talk about authenticity! He even takes on the role of a horse trainer in the show. If you’re a fan of real-life cowboys and horse trainers showing off their skills, you’re in for a treat.

“Yellowstone” is a bit of a spectacle for horse lovers, highlighting the beauty and importance of horses in the western way of life. But beware, it’s not for the faint-hearted!

The show is intended for mature audiences and contains material that may not be suitable for younger viewers.

While I can’t personally vouch for the show, I’ve heard it’s been getting rave reviews.

But hey, if you’re like me and prefer to steer clear of shows with heavy swearing and sensitive content, it might not be your cup of tea.

Still, based on what I’ve heard, “Yellowstone” seems to offer a unique spin on ranch life that could be worth checking out, provided you’re comfortable with mature content.

6. SADDLE CLUB (2001-2009)

Three girls Stevie, Carol, and Lisa who are crazy about horses decide to form a club called the Saddle Club. Lisa is new to horses and the farm and struggles at first but finds her place at Pine Hollow Stables when she helps save Stevie from getting hurt by Veronica’s plan.

Veronica is the Saddle Club’s rival and is often seen causing trouble and drama for the girls. But the Saddle Club overcomes what’s thrown their way whether from Veronica or whatever and whoever else.

Friendship, teamwork, bravery, hard work are all values that this show tries to make a point about.

7. PONYSITTERS CLUB (2017-2018)

This show is definitely geared more to the younger crowd. I found it a little cringy at times but yet I still watched it.

Ponysitters Club is about a group of kids who love horses and work together at a farm that rescues, rehabilitates, and rehomes horses that are neglected, abused, or unwanted.

The Ponysitters do what they can to help out the farm and the horses and ponies they love. They are bubbly and positive and the acting isn’t 100 but it’s good enough.

8. SPIRIT RIDING FREE (2017-2020)

As reported by premieredate.news, the ninth season of the popular series is slated for a 2024 release on Netflix.

Spirit Riding Free is an animated adaptation of the film “Spirit Stallion Of The Cimarron”.

The narrative revolves around a 12-year-old girl named Lucky who relocates to the frontier town of Miradero due to her father’s work. Tasked with overseeing the construction of a new railroad in the untamed west, her father’s role serves as the impetus for their move.

Set during an era when the West was truly wild, Lucky encounters a wild mustang stallion named Spirit, and a deep bond is quickly formed between the two.

Initially, Lucky struggles to fit in and find her place in the new town. However, it isn’t long before she befriends like-minded peers who share her newfound passion for horses.

Together, they embark on numerous equestrian adventures, with Lucky uniquely opting to ride Spirit without the typical constraints of a bridle and saddle.

Their shared experiences weave a tale of camaraderie, exploration, and the indomitable spirit of adventure.

9. WENDY (2008-2013)

Wendy is an animated series of a 15 year old girl named Wendy who lives at her fathers riding school located in Rose Valley, Canada, a fictional place.

Wendy and her friends go on trail rides, compete in shows, solve mysteries and try to help horses in trouble.

The show focuses on doing the right thing, being honest, brave, doing what you love, putting others first, and giving your best effort.

There is also a little bit of drama to make it interesting.

10. WILDFIRE (2005-2008)

Wildfire is a show about a young woman named Kris Frillo with a troubled past who is straight out of a correctional facility. She is getting a fresh start working at Raintree a racing farm.

A horse named Wildfire which has a close connection with Kris gets into some trouble. She worked with him during her time at the correctional facility. However, Wildfire did not work well with other riders and found himself at auction and bought by a kill buyer.

Kris rescues Wildfire from going to slaughter. Not before long, she is working to turn him into a top racehorse as well as learning and training to become a jockey. All this while trying not to get distracted by budding romances.

Wildfire becomes the main hope for the ranch to survive from financial disaster. This show is more geared toward the older crowd.

11. HORSELAND (2006-2008)

Horseland is a kid friendly animated series that is about a group of kid riders and their horses. The animals talk but the humans don’t understand what they are saying. There is usually a problem and moral to each episode.

You follow the riders as they overcome new challenges, learn how to manage friendships, have fun with their horses, and try to improve as horse and rider teams.

12. CAITLIN’S WAY (2000-2002)

Caitlin’s Way is a TV Show that was on Nickelodeon between 2000-2002.

Caitlin is a tough teen girl who had to move to her mother’s cousin’s home in Montana after getting arrested. The place is a horse ranch where she ends up focusing on improving her photography skills as well as just figuring out life and the relationships with people around her.

She ends up rescuing a wild horse named Bandit from wranglers and forms a bond with the horse. In return, Bandit ends up saving Caitlin.


I actually have this series on VHS! It is based on the book Black Beauty but also very different from the book. This is also the new TV series of Black Beauty Aired in 1990 where the previous one was in the 1970’s.

The storyline goes that Jenny and her new stepdaughter Vicky move to a farm in New Zealand that Jenny’s new husband went ahead by boat to prepare. Jenny is sad to leave her Black Beauty behind with who she had many adventures with in the previous TV series.

When they arrive at the farm they find out Vicky’s father and Jenny’s husband never made it to the farm. They are afraid he is gone and lost at sea. They must fix up the farm while Jenny also becomes the town’s go-to veterinarian. Black Beauty to Jenny’s sadness ends up passes away from old age. Jenny and Vicky end up finding a wild black stallion with the same markings as Black Beauty.

Vicky ends up being the only one able to ride him and then their adventures begin.


This is another older show from the 1990s. The Adventures of the Black Stallion is about a rising jockey named Alec Ramsay. After his father’s death, he has to help his mother run their farm called Hopeful Farm.

Alec rides Black a wild Arabian stallion that only he can ride while going after his dream of becoming a professional jockey with the help of trainer Henry.

Black’s speed is great and they have potential to become one of the best.

where can I watch horse TV shows online?

Show NameAvailable On
RIDENickelodeon App
HEARTLANDNetflix, Hulu
YELLOWSTONEPeacock, Amazon Prime
WENDYYouTube, Amazon Prime
WILDFIREHulu, Amazon Prime
CAITLIN’S WAYNickelodeon App, Amazon Prime

Please note that availability can vary by region and over time. Always check the respective platform to ensure the show is currently available for streaming.

Grab a drink, some popcorn or something yummy and get ready to have some horsey fun.

Which TV show is your favorite?

Cheers, Kacey

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