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12 Online Horse Games That Will Keep You Entertained For Hours

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Get the ultimate lowdown on the best online horse games! Our comprehensive guide features in-depth reviews, pros and cons, and insider tips for games such as Star Stable, Horse Riding Tales, and Horse Isle 3. You'll become an online horse gaming expert in no time!

Welcome fellow horse enthusiasts!  If you love horses and prefer to stay at home, playing online horse games could be the perfect solution for you.

These games offer a realistic simulation of horse care, training, and riding, as well as fun and entertainment.

With so many online horse games available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one for you. That’s why we’ve put together a list of 12 top-rated online horse games that are sure to provide hours of enjoyment.

There’s something for everyone who wants to train and care for virtual horses, join online competitions, or have fun. So, what are you waiting for? Saddle up and let’s explore the exciting world of online horse games together!

1) Star Stable

online horse games

Overview Of Star Stable

Looking for an online horse game that offers a realistic simulation of horse care, training, and riding? Or perhaps you’re searching for a fun way to pass the time? Either way, Star Stable has got you covered!

As a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), Star Stable will keep you entertained for hours.  The game is called Star Stable and it’s made by Star Stable Entertainment AB in Stockholm, Sweden. It continues the Starshine Legacy, Star Academy, and Star Stable game series. With its roots dating back to 2007, Star Stable is a game that has been loved by horse enthusiasts for many years.

In the game, you take on the role of a horse owner who takes care of multiple horses, completes quests, competes in races, and explores the world of Jorvik. You can also chat with other players, make new friends, and discover many more fun features. Whether you’re a horse lover or an adventure seeker, Star Stable Online has something for everyone.

The game is available in both free and paid versions, with the paid version unlocking all adventures and quests. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for Star Stable today and join the exciting world of Jorvik!

Features Of The Game

  • Choose and customize a girl avatar before selecting from a variety of horses to ride off into the sunset.
  • Access thousands of quests and all game updates.
  • New features every Wednesday!
  • Unlock the whole world of Jorvik and all its adventures beyond the free-version limitations.
  • Lots of intriguing characters and thrilling mysteries waiting for you in Star Stable Online.
  • Solve the quests and experience the epic story together with the people of Jorvik.
  • Published an update every single week since it launched in 2011.
  • The game is made for those with a passion for both horses and adventure.
  • Players are tasked with taking care of the horse and building a stronger bond doing so.
  • Star Stable Online focuses on young girls and magic adventures.

Pros and Cons Of Star Stable


  • Customization – Star Stable allows players to customize their characters and horses, making it a great game for those who love to create their own unique look.
  • Weekly updates – The game regularly adds new content and challenges to keep the gameplay fresh and exciting.
  • Community – Players can chat and help each other through the challenges and mysteries of the game.
  • Realistic graphics – The graphics of the environment, horses, and accessories have improved significantly over time, providing a realistic and immersive experience.


  • Pay-to-play – The real fun of the game is only available to paying players or “Star Riders.” While you can play for free, the full experience is limited without a subscription.
  • Limited controls – The game’s controls can be somewhat limited, and the gameplay can feel simplistic at times.
  • Lack of player input – Some players feel that the game’s developers do not listen to player feedback and prioritize making money over creating a good experience for children.

Reviews Of Star Stable

If you’re a horse enthusiast and looking for a fun and engaging online game, then you might want to try Star Stable. It’s a game that caters to both simulation and entertainment seekers.

Some players have expressed their concerns about the game’s focus on its shareholders rather than its customers. Although, regular players enjoy spending time grooming their horses and taking part in the daily races. 

The game’s graphics are basic and controls are limited. However, its constantly changing gameplay will keep you engrossed for hours.

With 17 levels to work through, it can take up to 150 hours to complete the game, and new content is added every week. One player on Amazon raved about the game, saying, “I love this game. I’m able to jump, race, do quests, and just ride around. The races are hard, but they are easy once you get the hang of it.” A player on the Apple Store suggested the game to everyone, regardless of their interest in horses. They said the quests are enjoyable and entertaining, and there are frequent updates.

2) Horse Riding Tales (Steam game)

Horse Riding Tales

Overview Of Horse Riding Tales

Horse Riding Tales is a game that stands out. It allows you to explore the beautiful world of Meadowcroft and experience the thrill of horseback riding.

Horse Riding Tales is a game that you can play on your computer or phone. It’s an immersive experience that will keep you hooked for hours. You can personalize your character, gather pretty horses, and compete in thrilling horse competitions to become a star.

But what really sets Horse Riding Tales apart is its stunning 3D graphics and realistic horse animations. From the way your horse gallops across the fields to the way its mane sways in the wind, you’ll feel like you’re actually riding a horse.

So whether you’re a horse lover or just looking for a fun way to pass the time, give Horse Riding Tales a try. Who knows, you might just discover a new passion for the equestrian world!

Features of Horse Riding Tales

As for the features, Horse Riding Tales offers an impressive array of activities and quests that players can complete while progressing in the game. Here are some of the key features:

  • Join a community of horse lovers and connect with other players by joining a club
  • Explore the vast and beautiful world of Meadowcroft
  • Collect beautiful horses and customize their appearance with saddles, bridles, blankets, and more
  • Mine resources to create beautiful accessories for your horse
  • Complete horse care quests by crafting hay, horseshoes, and other items for your horse to keep it in high spirits
  • Compete in equestrian events such as dressage and horse racing
  • Chat with other players through a heavily moderated chat system
  • Experience realistic riding mechanics that require you to press a button at the right time while your horse follows a fixed path

Pros And Cons Of Playing Horse Riding Tales

Horse Riding Tales is a popular online game that allows players to customize their character and tame beautiful horses. While the game has its pros, there are also some cons to consider. Let’s take a closer look:


  • The game takes mobile equestrian games to a new level, allowing players to run around as a wild stallion with friends role-playing as a herd leader.
  • Horse-crazy girls who don’t own horses in real life can learn what it’s like to ride horses through the game.
  • The game offers a variety of hairstyles and colors to customize your character.


  • The game can get tedious as you progress through the main quest, which sends players back and forth between various locations.
  • The game only offers a girl character option, limiting the diversity of playable characters.
  • While the game is free to play, players can pay for VIP to get extra rewards, which may not be accessible or affordable for everyone.

Reviews Of Horse Riding Tales

One game that has been getting a lot of attention lately is Horse Riding Tales. This game has its share of positive and negative reviews, but overall, it seems to be a hit with players.

Those who enjoy the game praise its stunning graphics and the ability to customize both the player and horse. And with an open-world format, there’s always something new to explore. Plus, regular updates keep the gameplay fresh and exciting.

Of course, not everyone is a fan. Some players feel that the game becomes repetitive after a while, with the same few quests popping up over and over again.  Some people criticize the game’s monetization model. It requires players to spend real money to progress faster or get rare items.

But despite these drawbacks, many players still find Horse Riding Tales to be a fun and relaxing experience. If you love horses and open-world games, it’s definitely worth giving it a try. Just be prepared for some repetition and the potential for added costs if you want to progress quickly.

3) Horse Isle 3

Horse Isle 3 Overview

As an open-ended RPG game, Horse Isle 3 offers a fully 3D world filled with unique biomes, horses, and other animals to discover. With 25 biomes and their sub-biomes, you’ll never run out of new areas to explore.

The game has a unique feature – genetics determine how each horse looks and performs, making them all unique. Players can even create their own dream horse or breed using a variety of builds and colors.

The game’s official website doesn’t have many features, but it offers clean, nonviolent fun with some educational value. The Help Center has categorized instructions for various topics to help players enjoy the game.

It offers both realistic horse care, training, and riding simulations as well as entertaining gameplay.

Game Features Of Horse Isle 3

  • Infinite world to explore
  • Infinite genetic breeding
  • Infinite wilds to catch
  • Fully 3D game world
  • Unique horses based on genetics
  • 25 biomes with sub-biomes
  • Each biome and sub-biome has unique flora and fauna
  • Create your dream horse or a new breed
  • Bamboo forest with exclusive plants
  • Snow biome with stunning views
  • Many other biomes to explore from Alpine, Badlands, Canyonlands, to the Swamp, Volcanic Jungle, Decay and much more.

Pros and Cons Of Horse Isle 3


  • Open-world combined with complex horse breeding mechanics
  • Wide variety of horse shapes, colors, and personalities
  • Infinite puzzles and minigames in the world
  • Players can create their clubs and stores
  • Sense of community


  • Requires proper moderation due to player-generated content
  • No banks or windmills in the Infinite Wilds
  • Subjective judging of competitions with obstacles

Horse Isle 3 Reviews

If you’re looking for a fun and engaging online horse game, you might want to consider Horse Isle 3 – Infinite Wilds. While the reviews for this game have been mixed, there’s no denying that it offers a vast and varied world for players to explore.  Horse Isle 3 offers something for everyone. Whether you want a realistic simulation of horse care, training, and riding or an entertaining game to pass the time, this game has got you covered.

One area where Horse Isle 3 excels is its graphics.  Players love the game’s graphics and genetics system. It creates horses with unique appearances and personalities.  If you’re someone who appreciates attention to detail, you’ll likely find a lot to love about this game.

Horse Isle 3 also has some educational elements that are worth noting.  The game teaches about various biomes and ecosystems, making it a fun way to learn about nature.

That said, Horse Isle 3 is not without its issues. One of the most common complaints from players is the lack of a comprehensive manual or feature list on the game’s official page.

This can make it difficult for new players to understand how to play the game and what features are available.  Some players have experienced glitches and bugs during gameplay, which can be frustrating.

The drama on Reddit involving Horse Isle 3’s developers and moderators is a highly debated issue. Some players have accused them of censorship and favoritism, which has led to heated discussions and debates. While this may not directly impact your gameplay experience, it’s something to be aware of if you’re considering playing the game.

Overall, Horse Isle 3 – Infinite Wilds is a unique and expansive world that’s well worth exploring if you’re a horse lover. Just be prepared to deal with some glitches and a bit of a learning curve when it comes to figuring out how to play.

4) Horse Reality

Horse Reality Overview

This awesome game lets you manage and breed horses with real-life genetics. This results in unique horses with endless possibilities for color, potential, exterior, and health.

Horse Reality focuses on horse color genetics, making it ideal for those interested in breeding science. Plus, it’s completely free to play during its in-development stage.

Before diving into buying horses and stables, it’s important to understand the game’s mechanics. Fortunately, Horse Reality has a wiki page that serves as a guide to help players navigate the ins and outs of the game.

But if you’re just looking for some entertainment or a way to pass the time, there are plenty of online horse games out there for you. From dress-up games to obstacle course challenges, there’s something for every type of horse game enthusiast. So saddle up and have some fun!

Features Of Horse Reality

  • Realistic genetics system that allows players to breed unique horses
  • Seven different disciplines where horses can compete against each other: Show Jumping, Western Reining, Dressage, Endurance Riding, Racing (Flat), Racing (Steeplechase), and Polo
  • Breed-specific competitions that allow players to run their horses against others of the same breed
  • In-game events customization where players can create and set up rules for their breeds
  • Discipline-specific items that horses can wear during competitions of various qualities
  • Horse performance in competitions determined by discipline-specific conformation stats, GP stats, training, physical fitness, grooming, and RNG to reflect the horse’s mood and external factors on that day
  • A supportive, inclusive, friendly, wholesome happy place where players can connect with other horse enthusiasts.

Pros and Cons Of Horse Reality


  • Players can learn about horse care and management.
  • The game features different breeds of horses, each with its strengths, weaknesses, colors, and artwork.
  • Horse Reality is free-to-play.


  • The game may be addictive and can cause players to neglect other important activities.
  • Some content in the game may be inappropriate for children.

Horse Reality Review

This game offers a deep and detailed look into the world of horse care, complete with breeding, feeding, training, and even competitions. You’ll need to put in the work to take care of your horses, but the rewards are well worth it.

However, if you’re looking for a fast-paced, action-packed game, then Horse Reality might not be your cup of tea.

The game is designed to be more educational than exciting, so you’ll need to have patience and a passion for horses to really enjoy it. That being said, the game does have a dedicated fanbase of players who appreciate its attention to detail and authenticity.

One downside of Horse Reality is its slow pace, which can make gameplay feel a bit tedious at times. Some players have also criticized the game for its lack of engaging features. But if you’re willing to overlook these issues and dive into the world of horse management, you’ll find a game that is both challenging and rewarding.

If you love horses or want to enjoy a fun activity, try Horse Reality. It’s a popular online game with horses. Experience it yourself and find out why!

5) Howrse

Overview of Howrse

Are you a horse lover looking for a fun and engaging online horse game? Look no further than Howrse!  Howrse is a free browser game by Owlient and Ubisoft. It simulates horse care and offers entertainment.

Players can breed and care for their own horses, participate in competitions, and take part in various promotions to earn rewards. With the game available in over 20 languages, players from all over the world can join in on the fun. Plus, by following the in-game tutorial, players can earn valuable items, money, and surprises for free.

One of the great features of Howrse is the ability to personalize your horse or pony by choosing its name and gender. And depending on the server, players will have access to a variety of different breeds to choose from.

As you play, you’ll also have the opportunity to train your foals and help them gain new skills before they reach six months old.

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry – Howrse offers tips and schedules to help guide you through the game and ensure your horses are happy and healthy. So whether you’re looking for a realistic horse care simulation or just a fun way to pass the time, Howrse has got you covered. Give it a try and see why it’s one of the most popular online horse games around!

Howrse Features

  • Free horse breeding game with over 50 breeds and 17 different coats
  • Create your own equestrian center and develop your horse boarding business
  • Groom and train horses and equip them with various equipment
  • Organize competitions to increase prestige (web version only)
  • Monthly games with prizes, such as maze or blast
  • Available on browsers, mobile, Facebook, and Instagram
  • A strong community of over 60 million players worldwide
  • Continuous live updates and quality in-game social features
  • Real transparency between the team and players
  • Allegedly Free Game with special features and passes available for purchase
  • Available in over 20 languages

Pros and Cons Of Howrse


  • Over 50 breeds of horses, ponies, donkeys, or unicorns to choose from
  • Realistic graphics and gameplay mechanics
  • Players can groom, train, and equip their horses with various equipment
  • Players can join Grand Prix events and win prestigious trophies
  • Monthly games to participate in and win prizes
  • Friendly community


  • The game can be very competitive, which may not be suitable for everyone
  • Lack of actual interaction with your horses
  • Glitches can sometimes affect gameplay

User Review Of Howrse

Howrse is a popular game among horse lovers because it combines fun gameplay with educational components.

Howrse has a realistic genetics system. This system allows for complex breeding strategies and offers a wide variety of horse breeds to choose from. It is a standout feature of the game. Players can learn about horse breeding and management as they raise and care for their virtual equine companions.

In addition to the educational elements, Howrse also offers a thriving community aspect. Players can interact with each other and participate in competitions, making for a more social gaming experience.

Some users have criticized the game’s microtransaction model. It can feel geared toward players who are willing to spend money.

The free-to-play experience may also feel somewhat limited. Additionally, some users have reported slow response times and unhelpful customer support.

Howrse has a devoted fanbase because of its unique mix of horse breeding and management gameplay, even though it has limitations.  Give it a try and see if it’s the perfect online horse game for you!

6) My Stable

Overview Of My Stable

This game is both realistic and entertaining. It simulates horse care, training, and riding. It’s a great way to pass the time.

MyStable stands out because it uses real horse genetics. This allows you to breed and crossbreed virtual horses to create exceptional offspring. And the best part? Joining the game is completely free, so you can jump right in and start playing.

Once you’re in the game, you’ll have access to a wide range of features and activities. 

You can enter your horses in shows or games to test their skills and earn rewards. Or, you can go to the horse market or Auction House to browse and buy new horses for your stable.

 And if you’re feeling lucky, don’t forget to enter the MyStable lottery for a chance to win big!

But that’s not all. also lets you create your own horse shows and even catch wild horses to add to your collection. And with reviews from other players available online, you can get a sense of what the game is like before you start playing.

Some players reported issues with creating an account. Overall, it’s worth checking out. And if you do decide to buy a horse, just make sure you have enough MyStable money in your bank account to afford it. Once you hit that purchase button, your new horse will be added to your stable and ready to start racing, jumping, and exploring the world of

Game Features Of My Stable

  • is a free online horse game where you can own, breed, train, show, and care for your own virtual horses.
  • The game is based on real horse genetics, and you can discover amazing crossbreed combinations to produce some of the finest horses.
  • You can enter your horse in shows and horse games, visit and sell horses in the horse market or Auction House, and enter the MyStable lottery to get the chance of winning millions of MyStable money (ms).
  • You can even create your own horse shows and catch wild horses.
  • MyStable Pro-Accounts have arrived, and you can join an elite group of MyStable players and get access to unique features.
  • The competitions help you accumulate MyStable money, and you can start your show by buying a temporary license.
  • My Stable is an automatic browser-based game that allows you to catch wild horses, train, breed, and show them.

My Stable Pros and Cons


  • Create and manage your virtual stables
  • Own, breed, train, show and care for your own virtual horses
  • Sales are only done using virtual My Stable money
  • Hay bars are available to feed horses without making a mess
  • No need to fill hay nets and not have them in your stable


  • Only allowed one account, having more than one is considered cheating
  • Not allowed to use the game as a dating website
  • Pro-Account subscription is non-refundable

Reviews Of My Stable

My Stable has received positive reviews for its realistic graphics and attention to detail in horse care and management. Players can customize their horses and stables, and choose from a variety of activities. Plus, the social aspect of the game allows for connection and competition with other players.

However, negative reviews do exist and highlight some concerns.  Players have reported problems earning in-game currency, making progress, and communicating. Premium features, which require real-world money, are also a point of contention for some players. has loyal players who enjoy the immersive horse management experience, despite its issues. The game might not suit players who prefer fast-paced gameplay or those who don’t want to spend real money on premium features and in-game items. This is because it has a slower pace and requires spending real money on premium features.

So saddle up and give a try! Who knows, you might just find your new favorite virtual equine companion.

7) Horse World Online

Horse World Online Overview

Look no further than Horse World Online, the perfect choice for those looking to simulate horse ownership. his game launched in 2015 is played on a browser and offers both time-based and turn-based gameplay. It aims to provide a realistic experience and pays attention to detail.

Players have the opportunity to breed, train, and race their horses, as well as buy and sell them in the market. And the game goes beyond simply breeding pretty foals. You can create your own associations to achieve your breeding goals, incorporating a range of breeds and disciplines.

Horse World Online is free to play. Optional subscriptions and timers are available for an enhanced experience. Don’t miss out on the chance to immerse yourself in the world of horse ownership with this top-notch simulation game.

But what if you’re simply looking for a fun way to pass the time? Fear not, because there are plenty of online horse games designed purely for entertainment. Whether you’re seeking a challenge or just want to relax and have fun, there’s a game out there for you.

From racing games to puzzle challenges, the options are endless. You could try your hand at horse jumping or dressage, or take on the role of a stable manager. With so many games to choose from, you’re sure to find something that suits your interests and preferences.

Features Of Horse World Online

  • A browser-based game that allows players to breed horses and train them to level up various attributes
  • Clothes for horses are available, such as bridles and saddles, and players can submit their horses to competitions
  • A true bloodline-based game that is genetically driven and more realistic than other online horse games
  • Horse World Online plays out across a number of menus, with no QTEs or animations to contend with
  • Players can create their associations to further their breeding goals, and it’s not just about producing pretty foals
  • Players can learn about caring for horses properly and expand their knowledge by learning how to currycomb, brush, and pet their horses
  • Horse World Online is free-to-play, but optional subscriptions and timers are available to enhance the experience

Horse World Online Pros and Cons


  • Realistic gameplay with genetics-driven horses
  • Features such as training, breeding, local shows, competitions, and courses
  • Local shows are a good use of time and take 3 hours of game time
  • Competitions do not require game time
  • Ability to purchase property and build your own stable
  • Ability to create associations for breeding goals


  • Long time between updates and communication
  • Creating new bloodlines has pros and cons with each method
  • Limited user reviews available

Horse World Online Reviews

Horse World Online is highly praised by players for its attention to detail in horse care, training, and breeding. 

Horse World Online has gained praise from players for its attention to detail. The game allows you to customize breeds and compete in disciplines like show jumping, dressage, and barrel racing.  So, everyone can find something of interest in Horse World Online.

However, some players have noted that the game has a steep learning curve, which may be overwhelming for new players. But fear not, once you get the hang of it, you’ll find yourself completely immersed in the world of horse training and care. 

Some players are unhappy with the game’s social features and the high cost of some in-game items.

Overall, Horse World Online is a top contender for horse enthusiasts seeking a realistic and engaging online horse game.

8) Horse Fable

Overview Of Horse Fable

This game is set in a fantasy world and has a genetic system that lets players breed special horses. You can acquire horses from various locations within the game, such as estate horses and town/market horses.

But Horse Fable isn’t just about breeding and collecting horses. It also features halter shows, discipline shows, and boarding horses & care. This realistic simulation game allows you to experience the joy of caring for and training horses, all from the comfort of your own device.

But what sets Horse Fable apart is its captivating storyline. As you play, you’ll become fully immersed in a world of mystery, love for horses, and the never-ending desire for discovery.

It’s the perfect combination of entertainment and education and will keep you hooked for hours on end.

Horse Fable Game Features

  • An extensive landmass in a world dominated by nature, innovation, and the equine
  • Story-driven gameplay that focuses on building your equine herd and expanding your estate
  • Discover secrets hidden by time as you explore the unknown territories
  • Interactive gameplay that changes the interaction with NPCs based on your replies
  • Five traits that increase or decrease based on quest decisions, such as lying, honesty, telling a funny joke, or even asking to be friends
  • A realistic genetic system that allows players to breed unique horses
  • Acquire horses from various locations around the game, including estate horses and town/market horses
  • Halter shows, discipline shows, and boarding horses & care features
  • Explorable map, The Wilds, where you can walk around and find items, events, and wild horses
  • Encounter wild animals that may join your herd
  • Crafting items such as dyes and treats are available while exploring
  • Version 2 of the exploring system will allow you to move around in a specified area
  • Riding a horse is possible, but not integral to gameplay.

Horse Fable Pros and Cons


  • Allows players to explore the lands and discover new locals
  • Player vs player feature where players can challenge their neighbors’ horses
  • Crafting treats for horses adds an extra layer of gameplay


  • May be addictive, leading to excessive screen time and neglecting other responsibilities
  • The competitive nature may not be suitable for all ages

User Review For Horse Fable

I was not able to find any reviews or comments on Horse Fable.

9) Wild Horses Valley

Overview Of Wild Horses Valley

Wild Horses Valley is different from other horse games. It gives players the role of a lead stallion who protects their herd of wild horses. This is unlike games where you just ride and train horses.

You’ll get to experience the thrill of leading a herd through unknown territories and managing their needs along the way.

What makes Wild Horses Valley stand out is the ability to exchange horses with other players, allowing you to create your dream herd. With hundreds of different horses to choose from, you’ll have plenty of options to mix and match to your heart’s content.

This game has stunning special horses and sophisticated gameplay that is suitable for all ages. It’s guaranteed to provide hours of entertainment.

Wild Horses Valley Game Features

  • 2D art, including realistic horse models and landscapes, as well as some fantasy breeds
  • Players start out with only a lead stallion and use energy points to choose each turn to walk, trot, or gallop
  • For each step, it is possible to encounter an event, which is how players can grow their herd as many of these encounters will allow horses to join
  • Over 100 different scenarios waiting for you in the game where you decide how to react and possibly gain Token, food, new horses and more
  • Online multiplayer mode where players can battle with other players to steal horses from their herd and collect and earn the trust of dozens of cool herd companions
  • Exciting interactive storylines with great rewards
  • Currency that players can use to restore health or energy but may also have other uses such as in limited-time events
  • Developed by a horse-loving German artist and her father, a retired programmer, who are constantly making updates, new features, new horses, etc., all for you

Pros and Cons For Wild Horses Valley


  • Free-to-play
  • Allows players to control a herd of wild horses
  • Players can explore an unknown land


  • Limited information about the game is available online

Wild Horses Valley User Review:

 This horse game is unique because it focuses on strategy and static images instead of real-time action like other horse games.

Players have to manage their herd, face dangers and recruit new members. Players enjoy the game’s attention to detail in the artwork and the quick pace of gameplay. The game has received positive feedback for its overall quality.

 However, some players have found the random events to be challenging, which can lead to losing horses.

10) Horse Eden Eventing

Horse Eden Eventing Overview

With a focus on eventing, Horse Eden Eventing lets you breed, train, and show your virtual horses in dressage, show jumping, and cross country.

You’ll experience the thrill of being a stable owner, working to produce top-quality horses and riders to compete in events. Plus, with a complex genetics system and the ability to hire and fire riders, the game offers endless possibilities for gameplay.

But it’s not just about the gameplay – Horse Eden Eventing also boasts a friendly community and an easy-to-use interface.

The game’s amazing graphics and accessible format make it a popular choice among online horse game enthusiasts. And with three disciplines available to train in, there are plenty of opportunities to improve and succeed in the game.

Features Of Horse Eden Eventing

  • Free to join and play
  • Breed, train, and show virtual horses in dressage, show jumping, and cross country
  • Hire and train up riders to succeed in the game
  • Realistic show system with Championship competitions and year-end Awards
  • Top performers can reach International level and compete in the Horse Eden World Games
  • Easy to use and navigate interface
  • Friendly community
  • Complicated genetics system
  • Beautiful artwork and engaging gameplay
  • Leaderboard that updates live so players can see who is the best at the game
  • Players can earn rewards for their stable and horses
  • Players can upgrade for additional features and benefits
  • Players must be 14 years or older to play the game.

Pros and Cons Of Horse Eden Eventing


  • Complete training and matching guide
  • Showing guide for easier competition
  • Amazing graphics
  • Advanced features such as hiring and firing riders
  • Three disciplines to choose from Dressage, Show Jumping, and Cross Country
  • Good community with a chat box
  • Players can breed their own winners


  • No clear advantage to having horses in pastures or barns
  • Recommended buying level 2+ geldings for success, which can be discouraging for new players

Horse Eden Eventing User Review

Horse Eden Eventing is a highly-rated game for horse lovers. It offers advanced features like hiring riders and training in different disciplines.  Plus, the game has a great community and chat box for socializing with fellow players. And let’s not forget about those impressive graphics!

Horse Eden Eventing is a good choice for anyone who wants to breed, train and compete with virtual horses.  Some players are unsure of the benefits of having horses in pastures or barns. New players may feel discouraged when advised to purchase level 2+ geldings.  However, the game is still enjoyable.

11) Track King

Track King Overview

 Are you tired of simply betting on horses in online horse racing games? Look no further than Track King! This free game offers a realistic simulation of horse care, training, and racing.

You can make strategic decisions as a Stable Manager or Owner.  The game features several tasks such as buying, selling, and breeding horses. It also includes managing jockeys and investing in training and veterinary facilities.

With the option to select Cup and League race entrants from your stable, the game offers a level of complexity that is entirely up to you. Don’t settle for mere entertainment – experience the thrill of truly managing a horse racing stable with Track King.

Features Of The Game Track King

  • Compete against stables managed by other users all over the world.
  • Select Cup and League race entrants from the horses and jockeys in your stable.
  • Buy, sell, and breed horses.
  • Manage jockeys and invest the stable’s money in training, veterinary facilities, and stud breeding programs.
  • Designed to be as simple or as difficult as you want it to be.
  • All sorts of stats that you can look into to try and get that extra performance from your horses.
  • No ‘Game Over’. If your stable goes bankrupt, you can start again with another one.
  • Interactive map to navigate race weekends.
  • Low-grade local racing to twice-weekly stakes racing.
  • Feature cup races are held every weekend.
  • H.O.O.F. (Horse Online Order Form) race simulator where players pay a small sum of money to predict with virtual currency who will win upcoming races.
  • Many ways to play, such as earning money only or betting on races.

Track King Pros and Cons


  • Free to play
  • Allows you to manage a horse racing stable
  • Compete against other users worldwide
  • Simple to play with minimal time commitment
  • Features H.O.O.F, a race simulator


  • No reviews available to gauge user experience
  • Not suitable for those who do not enjoy simulation games or horse racing

User Review Of Track King

Unfortunately, there are no reviews available for Track King at this time.

12) Equination

Overview Of Equination

Look no further than Equination! This game allows you to manage every aspect of your horses, from buying, selling, claiming, breeding, training, and racing. And the best part? The game is always improving with new features added frequently to enhance your online horse racing experience.

Equination is a family-friendly game that is completely free to play. You can start your own stable without sharing any personal or credit card information. However, for a small annual fee, you can upgrade your account to access exclusive features, such as the new race viewer.

But even if you’re just looking for online horse games for the sake of entertainment or to pass the time, still has you covered. With its engaging gameplay and fun challenges, it’s sure to provide endless hours of entertainment for horse lovers of all ages.

Game Features Of Equination

  • Free-to-play virtual thoroughbred horse racing simulation game
  • Manage every aspect of your horses, including purchasing, selling, claiming, breeding, training, and racing
  • Constantly evolving with new features and improvements added regularly
  • Family-friendly game enjoyed by people of any age
  • Optional account upgrade for a small annual fee to access exclusive features, such as the new race viewer
  • No need to provide personal or credit card information to start a stable

Pros and Cons Of Equination


  • Free to play with no need for personal or credit card information
  • Family-friendly game suitable for all ages
  • Allows players to manage every aspect of their horses, including breeding, training, and racing
  • Constantly evolving with new features and improvements added regularly
  • Optional account upgrade for exclusive features


  • Text-based game may not appeal to those looking for more visual stimulation
  • Limited graphics may not provide a fully immersive experience

Equination User Review

This popular virtual thoroughbred horse racing simulation game has received rave reviews from its players. And best of all, it’s free to play and has a family-friendly environment, with no need for personal or credit card information.

One of the best things about Equination is the ability to manage every aspect of your horses. From breeding to training to racing, you’re in control of it all. And with the game’s constant evolution and new features and improvements, there’s always something fresh and exciting to explore.

Now, it’s worth noting that some users have pointed out that the text-based nature of the game may not be everyone’s cup of tea. And the limited graphics may not provide a fully immersive experience. But overall, Equination is a well-liked game that offers an enjoyable and realistic horse racing simulation.

Of course, not everyone is looking for a realistic simulation. Some folks just want an online horse game for entertainment purposes. And there are plenty of options out there for them too!

From horse dress-up games to obstacle course challenges to fantasy adventures, there’s no shortage of online horse games to choose from.


Online horse games are a great way for horse enthusiasts to have fun and engage in a virtual world.

The games allow you to compete, socialize, and interact with horses.

The 13 games we have explored in this article provide a range of options, from image and text-based simulations to more immersive 3D games. We have provided detailed reviews of the games, giving you a good starting point for exploring the exciting world of online horse games.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, there is an online horse game out there for you. Virtual horse games offer both the excitement of competing in shows and the joy of taking care of and training virtual horses. They can provide hours of entertainment.

So, if you’re a horse lover looking for a fun and engaging way to pass the time, why not give one of these online horse games a try?

Cheers, Kacey

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