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The 7 New Horse Games To Play On Your PC (In 2022)

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Imagine the thrill of galloping through new adventures playing unexplored horse games. No more playing the same old games, I am introducing the 7 horse games you should be able to play on your PC in 2022, including 'Tales of Rein Ravine', 'That Horse Game', 'Astride' and more!

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What New Horse Games Are Coming Out in 2022?

You’re bored!

You played all the horse games you know of, over and over again.

You want something new. New adventures, new challenges, new experiences, a new horse game to play and have fun with.

I have been feeling that way too.

That is until I found out about all the awesome new horse games coming out!

I am going to introduce you to 7 NEW horse games you will be able to play on your pc this year (2022)!

A few of these horse games are looking very promising, and the others seem pretty good and at least decent enough.

The 7 new pc horse games to play this year are:

  • Tales of Rein Ravine
  • That Horse Game
  • Equestrian The Game
  • Astride
  • Horse Shelter 2022
  • The Ranch of Rivershine
  • Rival Stars Horse Racing

Not all the games are available right now. However, they are supposedly going to be available to play this year. A few of the games that are available to play are in beta testing and have demos available.

One of the games is not technically a PC game right now… it’s mobile, but they plan to make it available on the PC and I thought it is worthy to be on this list.

Another game is not new this year… BUT they are continuing to update the game and added some new gameplay features.

New Horse Riding Games You Can Play Now

You can play three of the seven horse games right now if you want and technically four if you live in the right country.

The games available right now are Tales of Rein Ravine, That Horse Game and Rival Stars Horse Racing.

1. Tales of Rein Ravine

Tales Of Rein Ravine

Tales of Rein Ravine previously known as horsegame.exe is one of two games I believe to have much promise to become a super awesome horse game!

At the moment it is only available as a demo for Patreon supporters, but will be available for free to others in a few weeks. But oh man!

The nuts and bolts mechanics of this game are so cool. The game developer’s goal is to create a realistic horse game and so far they are doing a great job!

The riding, jumping… the way the horse and rider move are fantastic. Very realistic for a horse game.

What’s Included in Tales Of Rein Ravine Demo:

  • Just a warning. In the dialogue there is an F bomb, in the 1st riding lesson on the demo, (game demographic is towards adults.)
  • At this point there is not much of a story line.
  • You ride in an indoor with a spectacular glass window view of a mountain side.
  • Hands and legs are controlled separately using keys and the mouse. (Very similarly to how you would really ride a horse with your legs and reins.)
  • You take a series of riding lessons with more being added to the game.
  • You get the opportunity to free play in the indoor arena and can choose a dressage arena, a clear ring, and several different jumping courses.
  • You are able to set the heights for the jump course all at once as well as individually.
  • For real equestrians you can set the striding to realistic for jumping. This makes the game harder because you have to jump at the right timing.
  • There are 3 demo horses to ride and they all have different personalities as far as Calm and Hot temperaments.
  • You are able to ride in first person as well as the third person view.
  • In 3rd person view you can rotate the camera to look at different angles of you and your horse.

This demo is only a sneak peak as to what is to come in the actual game.

Video: YouTuber Abigail Pinehaven’s Experience Playing Tales Of Rein Ravine Demo

My Experience Playing Tales Of Rein Ravine

I was most excited when I found out about game controls. I almost felt like I was riding on an actual horse… okay maybe not, but still pretty cool!

I have not experienced any other horse game like that. Combining separate controls for reins and legs while also using them in a realistic way. You can even ask your horse for a flying change using a new outside leg and inside rein at the canter. I mean yay!

I was also happily surprised with how the game ran on my computer, very smooth with the graphics set at the highest level.

The horses are adorable too! I love how the horses have names, limitations to jumping ability, sensitivity and just different personalities. The more sensitive horse rushes to the jumps, while the calm horse stays steady throughout.

I can’t wait to ride in the outdoor arena and go cross country when the finished game comes out.

I am also hoping the developer continues to make more riding lessons. So it feels like I am really a student taking lessons in the game.

But regardless the developer is doing a great job and very talented.

More Info About Tales Of Rein Ravine

Developer: Unknown- I could only find that they are from Finland according to their YouTube Channel about me section.

Release Date: Limited Demo is available to play. On Patreon it has been said the full game will not be available until sometime in 2023.

Website: No website.

Instagram: @talesofreinravine

YouTube: Tales Of Rein Ravine

Patreon: Tales Of Rein Ravine

2. That Horse Game

That Horse Game

That Horse Game is another equestrian indie game being developed. It is still in the early stages of development however, currently has a free demo available.

Once released the game will be available for a one time fee.

The developers are working on make this a multiplayer game.

I am also elated at this masterpiece of a horse game in the making. At this point I am liking Tales of Rein Ravine a little bit more than That Horse Game.

However there are some parts I like about this game more than Tales of Rein Ravine, which I will talk about when I go over my experience with the game.

But let’s first go over what the demo includes at the moment.

What’s Included In That Horse Game Demo

  • Customizing your character similar to Sims (but much more realistic looking)
  • No story line at the moment.
  • Your character can walk and run
  • Different weather patterns and times of day
  • You are able to mount and dismount
  • You can lead each of the horses
  • Can put horses in and out of stalls out to pasture
  • You can tack up horses
  • Ride cross country
  • Ride in show jump arena
  • Ride in outdoor arena
  • Ride in the indoor arena
  • Ride around the farm
  • You now have an inventory with different items
  • You can pick out the horses feet
  • and more

There is a lot more that is going to be added to the game and the demo is on it’s 4th release as I write this. So they continue to update the demo.

Video: YouTuber Abigail Pinehaven’s Experience Playing That Horse Game Demo

My Experience Playing That Horse Game

I played That Horse Game demo soon after it became available.

I started off in the farm house and got to customize my character. The character is very realistic looking and there are so many customizable option.

It reminded me of a game I play called Ark as well as the Sims 3 game, which I love to play.

As my character walked around I noticed that things would light up that I was able to interact with. Such as light switches and doors.

The sky was dark and clouds loomed over the landscape. Suddenly lightening flashed across the sky and it started to pour buckets.

That is something I have not experienced in a horse game. 20 joyful equestrian points for that!

The barn is beautiful and so realistic. However I was disappointed that all the horses look and act the same besides the different colors they come in.

But I will give them a break because the game is still being developed.

I rode the horses in the different areas.

What I found interesting is that riding in the outdoor and indoor near the barn and house was a bit laggy and teensy bit blurred sometimes. It was slightly annoying.

But when you ride out cross country and in the outdoor show jump ring, the riding is much smoother.

I think it may be because there is more heavy rendering in the house/barn area.

Another thing that I don’t like so much is how fast the camera rotates with the mouse.

That needs to slow down to make it more user friendly. It kind of makes me dizzy when I move it around too much.

On a more positive note, something I think that so cool about this game , is what you can ask the horses to do while riding.

You can have the horse leg yield , collect their gait and extend their gait.

That is something I hope is added to Tales Of Rein Ravine!

So overall it seems like a realistic game with much potential and at the moment could make a good role playing game for those who enjoy that.

The updates are regular and you can expect to see this game to continue to get better and better.

More Info About That Horse Game

Developers: Jasmin, Amon, Jonna

Release Date: No official release day yet, but demo is available.

Website: https://www.playthathorsegame.com/


YouTube: That Horse Game

Patreon: That Horse Game

3. Rival Stars Horse Racing

Rival Stars Horse Racing

Rival Stars Horse Racing was just a mobile horse racing game originally but turned into a mobile and desktop game.

This is not a new game, but there has been a new update for desktop where you can jump the horses cross country.

The jumping portion of the game is a work in progress and the game developers are continuing to do updates to the game.

However, it seems that the mobile is much farther ahead with game play updates as oppose to the desktop version.

Rival Stars Horse Racing Jumping Update For Desktop

  • Beautiful scenery and landscape
  • You control the horses speed
  • You control the horse’s direction
  • You don’t tell the horse to jump (does that on it’s own.)
  • More updates for this coming (Content Roadmap)

Video: YouTuber Abigail Pinehaven’s Experience Playing The Rival Stars Horse Racing Demo

My Experience With Rival Stars Horse Racing

I have a little experience playing this game on my mobile phone but not on desktop.

I have also not played with the jumping update. So I don’t have any experience to share with that part of the game.

However with what I played on my phone, my favorite part was the breeding and seeing what color and stats I got with the foals.

I will try this game and update this section. But it is $39.99 and I am going to wait until the next jumping update before I purchase.

More Information On Rival Stars Horse Racing

Developer: Pikpok is the publishing company of this game.

Initial Release Date: June 24, 2020

Website: Rival Stars Horse Racing

Instagram: @rivalstarshorseracing

YouTube: Pik Pok Games

New Horse Games Coming Out Soon

I mentioned before one of these game is available to some countries but not everywhere.

That would be Equestrian The Game. I am living in the United States so I am one of the ones who has to wait to play this game.

The other three games will be available to play sometime this year. These three other games are Astride, Horse Shelter 2022 and The Ranch of Rivershine.

4. Equestrian The Game

Equestrian The Game

Equestrian The Game is currently in a soft launch, making it available to a couple countries at a time.

This was the first game I began to follow when it started being developed out of all the games on this list.

At the moment it is a mobile only game. However the developers said they would like to make it into a PC game. And one could hope it will be available sometime in 2022.

Our ultimate goal is to make Equestrian not only for mobile, but available on multiple platforms including PC and consoles.

Makers of Equestrian The Game

In the meantime you can play this on your phone when it becomes available for your country.

I can’t wait to play.

I have been checking updates regularly to see if it is available in the US.

Equestrian the Game BETA gameplay trailer

Game Play For Equestrian The Game

  • You get to customize your character
  • Horses come in several different breeds
  • Horses come in different colors and markings true to the breed
  • Horses have different temperaments and ability levels
  • The horses performance and way they move changes with the training
  • You get to breed horses and see foal grow up
  • Ride dressage, jumping, and trail riding
  • Competitions against other online players
  • Choose your clothes and horses tack
  • Build and upgrade your farm
  • Choose your horse’s feed for optimum performance
  • Horses emotions can change such as unhappy or nervous
  • and more.

There is more to come with this game. More features are being developed.

Youtuber Fafa Gaming Creating Her Dream Horse On The Equestrian Game

What I Think About Equestrian The Game

I really wish this game was a PC first game, because I much prefer playing on a PC over mobile.

The screen is bigger and the controls can be a little more complex… in a good way.

I am so excited to play this game still, even if it is on mobile in the beginning.

The way the game developers are trying to make it more realistic with the horses, riding and managing the horses is really something I am looking forward to.

One of the things they’ve done that I think is really cool is how the horses develop in the game with their training. They improve not only in their overall performance but the actual visible way they move.

I just thought that was so unique and realistic for a horse game.

Hopefully my expectations are not to high for the actual game play, but I will find out soon.

Also one more note is that I may consider playing this game using an android emulator, I believe they are called.

I have never used one before but the software converts apps to be able to be played on a PC.

More Information On Equestrian The Game

Developer: Kalvalri Games

Soft Launch Started: July 9th 2021

Website: Equestrian The Game


YouTube: Equestrian The Game

5. Astride


Astride is another exciting horse game in the making.

A horse game based in a Norwegian type setting being created by Norwegian developers.

I only recently learned about the new horse game a month or two ago and was blown away by some of the animations.

This will be an open world game and it’s is going to be multiplayer but not a MMO game such as Star Stables.

Patreon supporters will be able to play test the game before it is released. When released it will be available through Steam.

This game looks to be another realistic type of horse game for teens and young adults. Yay!

What The Game Astride Will Include So Far

  • Train and compete in dressage, show jumping and cross country
  • Explore the world with your horse
  • Customize your barn
  • Breeding and genetics
  • Norwegian horse breeds with potential of others being added
  • Customize the horse and rider
  • Horses will have personalities
  • You have to maintain horse stalls
  • You feed, brush and pick out horses feet
  • There will be quests and challenges where you can earn in game money
  • In game you can buy tack, equipment, horses and more
  • Experience playing with friends, the seasons and holidays in future update
  • AND SO MUCH MORE!!!!!!

What I Think About The Horse Game Astride

THANK YOU GOD! I want to cry right now! Happy happy tears!

Yup this is the game. This might be the game we have all been dreaming about.

This game was down on my list as the 3rd or 4th game.

But after reading on Astride’s planned features on their Discord channel, it may just become my number 1!

These features are not set in stone because things may change around a bit. But it is currently what they are striving for.

Instead of writing about the features I am so excited about, you just need to see it for yourself! Check out the video below which goes over the planned features on the Discord channel.

I am so looking forward to playing this game, if you can’t tell.

Video: YouTuber Mia The Gamer Shares About Astride

More Information On The Horse Game Astride

Developers: Raidho Games – team of six Norwegian developers and artists. 

Early Access Release Plan: Late 2022

Support Kick Starter: Astride

Website: Astride

Instagram: Astride

YouTube: Astride

Steam: Astride

Patreon: Astride

6. Horse Shelter 2022

Horse Shelter 2022

Horse Shelter 2022 was previously Horse Shelter 2021 but then they realized they needed more time in development.

This game is available to add to your wish list on Steam.

I saw this game back in 2021 and wasn’t all that impressed. However they seem to continue to add and update the game.

It also seems in the steam community that they are interested in listening to gamers thoughts on how to make the game better.

What Is Planned For Horse Shelter 2022

  • Bond with horse doing interactive activities
  • Pet and ride your horse
  • Feed, groom, bathe horse
  • Muck stalls
  • Riding lesson in arena following lines
  • Show jumping competition
  • Customize tack
  • Showcase competition trophies
  • Own a stable of horses
  • and more

My Thoughts On Horse Shelter 2022

I am going to be honest.

This game looks like it may have been made by people that don’t have a ton of horse experience. I could be wrong.

The anatomy of the horses in this game are just not up to par compared to the other games coming out. The rider looks too big for the horse.

And in the game’s trailer what is the horse wearing in the stall? A strange bridle almost baroque like and a surcingle… huh?

I am not sure why it is called Horse Shelter 2022, because it made me think this game was about rescuing and rehabilitating horses.

And I am pretty sure in one of the videos the horse was being jumped in a western saddle. Although the first video the horse was wearing english tack.

This game seems to be about show jumping, but the atmosphere seems western.

I will say the scenes and landscape look beautiful. I was getting a sort of Red Dead Redemption vibe going on.

And as time goes on the game development does seem to be getting better and a little more realistic.

This is not my first choice when it comes to the new horse games, but I can see some potential for it being fun.

I am willing to try the game. Who knows maybe I will be pleasantly surprised.

Video: Youtuber Just Another Pixel reacting to Horse Shelter 2022 on Steam

This was when it was actually called Horse Shelter 2021

More Information About Horse Shelter 2022

Developer: RanchoGames

Release Date: Sometime in 2022

YouTube: Horse Shelter 2022

Steam: Horse Shelter 2022

7. The Ranch of Rivershine

Ranch Of Rivershine

This game will be available on Steam.

This game is not meant to be hyper realistic but instead cozy and cute. I think they did a good job making the game look cute.

It is a game made by a sole developer named Éloïse.

This was a game that almost passed my radar, but I noticed it when I was browsing through Steam.

What Is Planned for Ranch Of Rivershine

  • Muck out stalls
  • Brush horse
  • Feed horses with food you gather or buy from town
  • Explore trails
  • Ride and compete cross country
  • English and Western tack
  • Town with a blacksmith, general store and auction house
  • Breed and sell horses
  • Build horse ranch on a plot of land
  • Plant grains, hay and fruit trees, cultivate the land

Video: Ranch Of Rivershine’s New Game Trailer

My Thoughts On The Ranch Of Rivershine

At first glance I didn’t think I would be super interested in playing as much as the other games.

But I do like that you get to cultivate the land and build up and breed a herd of horses. The auction house is a unique idea for a horse game.

I think the graphics are really cute.

This game seems like it is geared toward kids and teens. It has a western vibe. But the jumping in a western saddle I just find a little strange.

I wish the rider would move a little bit more. They seem a little stiff or the horse is just extremely smooth.

However, it seems like a very quaint and relaxing horse game. I am definitely going to try it out when it becomes available.

More Information About The Ranch Of Rivershine

Developer: Éloïse- Cozy Bee Games

Release Date: To Be Announced

Steam: The Ranch Of Rivershine

Twitter: The Ranch Of Rivershine

YouTube: The Ranch Of Rivershine

Here are some more posts on horse games, your not gonna want to miss!

New Horse Games To Play

Now you have some new horse games to try out on a rainy day , or when your bored with nothing to do…

Who am I kidding. I bet you are chomping at the bit to play these games as soon as you get the chance.

By the way I have a printable I created for you below.

It is a checklist with these new horse games. So you don’t forget any of them and you are able to check the games off as you try each one.

My hope is that you have fun and find your new favorite horse game to play.

Also, I just want to say it’s about darn time we got some good horse games to play!

We’re keeping our eyes open, playing and reviewing horse games, and waiting for something good to finally come out of the woodwork. It’s been time.

Emily Tapley

Emily Tapley said it well with her reddit post about the sad state horse games are in.

The post ended up becoming an article in The Plaid Horse called Horse Games Are Trash and I’m Over It.

Let me know in the comments 2 things!!!

  • What horse game have you currently been playing?
  • Which one of these new horse games are you most excited to try?

Cheers, Kacey

Freebie Printable Checklist For New Horse Games

PDF New Horse Games Checklist

Download PDF Here

New Horse Games For The PC

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